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Ready to race!
So. Here is something new to my personal collection.
A new car, a new colour. A new project, but nothing like my other projects I guess.

It is an Audi, once again. an A1 Sportback, 1,6 TDi.

Optional extras were:

-led tailights
-black interior headliner
-fog lights
-leather 3-spoke steering wheel
-leather handbrake and gear boot
-steering wheel controllers for audi multimedia
-Audi multimedia system [navi, bluetooth, etc etc]
-electronic clima system
-parktronic system
-7,5x17 wheels
-sport seats
-cruise control system

Not bad listing for a daily I think.

So here it is when I collected it two days ago.

Audi Dealership Delivery-Room

First meeting with the Golf

I introduced one to the other.

My other Audi, the blue one, was not there to talk with them

They went out for a ride together

Not a bad wheel to begin with - Needs more lowz- I know

Some quick shots of the interior

Love the lines

Hello diesel power, first time in my garage

First thing I did after getting to know the car, which gives the feeling of a much bigger Audi to be honest, in terms of quality, I did this

No giving heads up for dealerships from me

Much better

Will propably also debadge the rear for a cleaner look

Dont know if you noticed, but car is equipped with some stripes from factory. At first I was like, I will remove them, but they are rather discreet to be honest, matte ones, and will see.

While I was there, I noticed that my THULE roof rack was over the car.
Just saying, hehe.

Cheers guys :)


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Nice car! Looks like fun.
I see it it says that this will be a daily.... the Golf started off that way too didn't it?


Ready to race!
Well, second day of ownership, and it has begun.

It is an illness I guess, that does not go away.

So, one thing I did not particularly like in the interior of the car, was this part

I think it is practical, but not good looking for an Audi.

In the other, A3 diesel we have in the family, I had spotted a much better looking ashtray, which my father refused to trade for mine, LoL, so I ordered mine with no second thought.

Collected it from the dealership today

Boy was it good looking

No comparison

Watch the differences though (dont mind bottles and sexual implication lol)

Hadnt noticed they have difference size body to be honest

So it didnt fit

However I did notice something

Necks were removable, so, changed them and voila

Now it is perfect

Then, coming back home, I knew I had to do some work on the trunk. I was always a fan of clean looking asses and all, so debadge time.
I strongly suggest you debadge your cars when they are fresh and new if you are to do it anyway, glue is so much more friendly and kinda comes off with the letters easily.



And after

Again before

And after

Dat wheel gap doe

Cheers more to come !



Ready to race!
This project might need wheels and lowering
You guys think anyone would be in for sponsorship and coverage and all?