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APR Software Updates Changelog


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columbus, OH
So I went to an APR dealer today to get my car tuned to Stage 1 but found out it already had the ECU flash done to it. However it was a very dated version (V 1.1).

I was wondering if anyone knew how to check what the updates have been since then? I've tried looking on the APR website but can't seem to find it or maybe I'm just bad at looking.

I drive a 2008 GTI with the FSI engine. Any help on this would be very appreciated!


former GTI owner
The tuner/APR dealer should've been able to update it and/or find the updated file (IF there even is one).
APR doesn't list it to the'd have to call APR directly or, like I said, the tuner should have the list from APR's server and it would've said the revision on it...if applicable.

I'm assuming you bought the car used (since you didn't know it was tuned), so APR might want a transfer fee to get you full access to the tune & transfer it to your name....but that's still a lot cheaper than paying for a whole new tune, like you originally had planned