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Anyone Interested??


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Hi Guys,
This has nothing to do with Volkswagen's but I've been racing go-karts for a year & half at club level & I'm in the process of purchasing a brand new Arrow go-kart for the up coming season. My plan is to attempt to attend all rounds of the Golden Power Series & a few other open meetings around Victoria ( I may not be the fastest guy out there but i will give it crack. I'm offering free advertising on my kart for anyone with the option of helping me in anyway with sponsorship. I'm not asking for V8 Supercar money(LOL) So if anyone works or knows someone that is willing to help it would much appreciated. I'll be up front i can't even get any help from where i work! I have a tight ass for a boss!! I completely understand if no one is interested i won't be offended. There is no harm in asking!!

Cheers Stef


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Good luck with it mate... sponsors sure made my life easier when i was racing, covered just about everythign for two classes. Don't know what business you're in but have you tried approaching suppliers for the business? Nothign wrong with a little errr. implied corporate pressure/ favours :biggrin:

Also doesn't hurt to have a nicely presented portfolio with a bit about you and your exploits and what kind of coverage/ exposure they can expect (don't forget acceptance speeches when you pick up trophies!). Turn up in a suit and tie and have a chat with them.... times are tough and they aren't going to hand out dosh to people that turn up looking unprofessional.