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I rarely write reviews, mostly because I find it hard to find the time, but this time since I spent so much money on the product and install, I figured I'd take a few minutes to at least say that it was worth every penny. As many people have noted, the LSD really ties together the entire package. All the power and suspension mods finally feel as one.

My car usually does fairly well at auto-crossing, mainly because it feels like a solid set-up and I'm fairly comfortable with it and the typical track layout. With the LSD, putting down the lap times just felt "easier" as putting the power down at every corner exit was now more or less a seamless experience. No need to feather the throttle to prevent wheel-spin, just sort of get on the throttle and go. In essence, it's just one less thing to have to focus on and being able to get on it earlier and be smoother definitely reduces lap times. So really, I'm repeating nothing new that you haven't already read on some other LSD review.

There isn't much I can say about the MFactory unit other than it does everything I expected it to do and that it's supposed to do. There are no weird sensations, noises, or rattles. I wouldn't know it's there other than from my HPDE experiences. It was installed at AU Tuning in Huntington Beach, CA (same place as GIACUser, I believe). They did a fantastic job as far as I can tell. I also had them do a timing belt job while the car was at the shop, just because the DSG LSD install wasn't expensive enough :frown:. They quoted me a reasonable price for everything.

I guess I'll also take the time to give the MKV platform a big shout-out now too. The car continuously surprises me and surpasses my expectations, especially with mods like this. There are times where I'm tempted to pick up something newer and generally faster (R, Evo, M-something, etc.), but I can't deny the fact that the car is solid and handles/can be made to handle so that it hits waaaay above it's weight class. This past weekend it more than just held it's own against +10 year old newer modded mk7 gti's and R's. I don't run "extreme" or race-oriented modifications to give me a substantial edge over anyone else, but the platform is just that good apparently. Thank You MKV :headbang:.

For reference the rest of my mods are listed in my "garage."


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100% agree. My Peloquin added so much throttle control to my mkv. That and my SB clutch kit are my favorite mods to date.

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Gonna jump on the LSD bandwagon too. They absolutely transform the car and I am kinda surprised that VW didn't install one at the factory.

In day to day driving I was subconsciously leaving off the throttle on sharper turns as even at stock power levels you would spin the inner tire if you gave it any throttle. Now corners are smooth transitions.