Another day, another overboost code. Dealer has been no help


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Grand Cayman
2008 3DR Golf GTI
Hello fellow MkVers.

Well my GTI is overboosting again. P0234 code thrown along with limp mode if i gently accelerate to 3000RPM.

However if I accelerate hard I get through the rev range. I do however notice either a blowing/sucking noise that kind of sounds like a vacuum that dissappears around 3000RPM and to me it feels like I then suddenly have more power. So to me this seems like a boost leak that falls away the more I accelerate? I dont know anymore.

Had the intake manifold cleaned by the dealer, MAP sensor and diverter valve is brand new. Unfortunately I don't have VAG com or VCDS yet to log runs. All I know is that with each run I can simulate/avoid the overboost code. Gentle acceleration=limp mode at 3k. WOT=Blowing/sucking noise till 3k then feeling of more power.

I apologize if I missed anything or if I'm asking a question that cannot be answered without proper logs but when the dealership is giving up I don't know what to do either! Thanks for any help/input