alotta thanks


sexi =]
Clifton, nj
09 GTI
I want to give thanks to everyone who has help me with my car as far as doing work to it or taking the time to keep my car safe!.

Jake - My 1st insparation - i bought his air-ride kit he did the work on my rims
Mike Trino - install My air-ride, got my front lip installed and painted. got my car inspected because i bought it from pa. he took care of my car =].
Ramon Period - Saved my cars life loads of times enough said.
Chris - went out of his way to install my new bagyard bombers
Odallas - drives a supra - Refinish my lines for my air-ride
Raymond Bowings - thanks for taking the time to getting my bbs rims installed an attempting to fix my blown bag
Bobby Flores - Best friend hes been there from the start.
John at 20squared - hes my go to guy in getting parts =].

If i forgot anyone let me know =] i will give the thanks. I know this list will get a little longer because iam not done with it. But the vw community are def. GREAT people=]