Air Distribution Troubleshooting Tips?


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So the other night the car pops a CEL, again, for coolant system inefficiency. Second time in about 3 weeks. Last time it was preceded by a "coolant low" warning on dash, and it was a touch low, so I filled the resevoir back to spec.

Couple days later, about 11F outside, car is cold, I get on the highway, CEL comes on with P2181. Car warms up fine, everything works, so I clear the code. Came back the other night. Nothing is low, car still warms up fine, temp holds steady, albeit a touch low on the gauge (I'm guessing since its been so cold).

Water pump, thermostat was changed by previous owner a year ago. No clue who's thermostat he used. Water pump is genuine VAG though. I want to clean the valves soon anyway so I guess that's the time to do a coolant flush, and thermostat.

But now, when I go to change from defrost to vents, nothing changes, stays stuck on defrost. Fan speed works fine, air is warm, recirc button works, and i still feel resistance when I turn the air direction knob to the left.

Some suggested one of the blend door motors took a dump, otbhers say it's a cable issue. It's not the end of the world, but I like stuff to work as it should.

Any tips? Will this show in a VAG COM scan?


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thanks for your reply.

My car is a left hand drive :)

My entire drama is to figure out if the "Remove the instrument panel => Body interior - repair group 70"... means just the instrument cluster or the entire left (driver) side dashboard.

So, the "Remove the instrument panel => Body interior - repair group 70" is just this:

Or this (I think this is an MK4 but it is to transmit the idea)

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In the case the "Remove the instrument panel => Body interior - repair group 70"... means the instrument panel/dash not the instrument cluster. I have no idea if removing the instrument cluster will allow you to access that particular motor.

You can see its location here

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