Aftermarket wheels?


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cmdrfire said:
Hi all,
First post here! I've had my MkV GTI for just over a year now... last october I put on some new wheels, some 19" River Wheels R1s. These babies are really nice, they're lighter than even the 17" Detroits that the car comes with as standard in the EU (I don't know how much the US 17" wheels weigh).

The ride has improved significantly since I've put them on, and the handling is just superb now - some idiot car wash scratched them a couple of months ago, and so while they were off to be refurbed I had my 18" Denvers on and the difference was unbelievable. BBS lightweight hollow-cast or not, the handling with the newer Rivers was unparalleled.

EDIT - sorry for low quality pic, I got that from my cameraphone. I've just cleaned my car today and I've got my proper digital camera with me so I'll take some clean pics today.

nice looking car, i want the blue to come here also!!!!


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Im planing to get some 18" step lip J-Lines <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket"></a>


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Originally, I was thinking of buying the RS4 wheel from Stratmosphere:

However, I'm now thinking of going with this wheel:

OZ Tribe Evo

I really like the black on black - or in this case graphite on black