adding a 5A power circuit to Fuse Box C


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Can someone explain why one must remove all of the fuses?


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Remove fuses as part of unlocking pins

Can someone explain why one must remove all of the fuses?

There are two independent locking mechanisms to hold each pin in place.
The primary pin lock is in the connector body.
The secondary lock is the little prongs on the pin itself.

Unlocking the connector pin safety mechanism requires
sliding the purple main body holding the pins within the overall black shell.
There are grooves and voids in the black shell
that engage openings in the purple body,
the grooves provide a primary lock for all pins.
Sliding the purple body moves the voids into place to allow pin insertion / removal.
That small movement (≈ 1/4") releases the connector locks to allow pin
insertion or removal - removal also requires a tool to release the prongs
on the pin, but install does not, they will snap into the holder.
The fuses go through the black shell into the purple main fuse / pin holder.
When the fuses are in place, it will not be possible to
slide the purple main body within the shell
to release the connector shell pin locks.
If you do not release the connector pin locks,
it will prevent you from properly inserting the pins.
Pins will not seat if the conector body remains locked. :eyebulge:


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Awesome. Thanks JT! I'm doing the auto rain/light sensor mirror install this weekend and will be adding circuits based on this excellent DYI. I wish there was an equally clean way of tapping the signal conductors in the 519. I hate bug taps.


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... I'm doing the auto rain/light sensor mirror install this weekend and will be adding circuits based on this excellent DYI ....
FYI That is exactly what I was adding when I shot these pictures. :wink:
The two locations shown are the factory locations
for the auto dim mirror (7 - switched) and rain light sensor (17 - unswitched).
Good luck!:biggrin:


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Here's a further list of part numbers including ones for both sized fuses and also different wire gauges, even the crimp on terminals on their own.

I'm now trying to find out the part numbers for an SPDT relay holder to fit into the bracket, to keep any relays clean and OEM too.

Edit: PN for relay socket is 443 937 527, wow that took quite a bit of googling to find :)
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Jet, another fantastic post.

I am looking for some advice on adding circuits.

I have a manifold pressure gauge installed that has two 'add-a-fuse' adapters on two 10A ATM or mini fueses. I would like to eliminate the add-a-fuse adapters. Also I am looking to add a trailer wiring harness.

The harness specifies 12 gauge AWG wire with a 10A fuse inline.
The gauge fuse requirements are not known.

By my read, a 12 ga wire is approximately equal to a 3mm wire. Is a 2.5mm wire (000979225) close enough? Is such a wire suitable for 120W of power?

I am considering wiring one 10A ATM fuse to an unswitched circuit for the tow harness and the unswitched power for the gauge, and then a second 5A for the switched trigger for the gauge using a 1mm repair wire (000979133).

Does this seem reasonable?


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hi JetTurbo,

Sorry to resurrect this thread. But I have some questions and I need some help:

1.) Is it safe also to put a ATM 30amp power curcuit on those blank spots you've indicated (circled on the picture), or are they only meant to be 5amps?
(i.e. Fuse positions 7-8-9-11 (switched) and 14-17 (unswitched))

2.) Below were the repair wires you've indicated based on thickness. What's the corresponding fuse Amps that I could use for each of the wire? Like for example, you indicated that for the 000 979 021 wire (0.5mm) can use a 5amp fuse. What about the rest of the wires, what fuse amps matches each wire? Can I use the 2.5mm wire with a ATM 30amp fuse or more etc.?

2.8mm terminals - ATM fuse (small fuses)
000 979 021 : 0.5mm wire (used for this post / pictures) (000979021)
000 979 133 : 1.0mm wire (000979133)
000 979 225 : 2.5mm wire (000979225)

4.8mm terminals - ATO fuse (large fuses)
000 979 023 : 0.5mm wire (000979023)
000 979 135 : 1.0mm wire (000979135)
000 979 227 : 2.5mm wire (000979227)
000 979 306 : 4.0mm wire (000979306)

Can you please help me out.


adding a 5A power circuit to Fuse Box C (using vacant slot, not add a fuse)
new terminals circled

For the 0.5mm repair wire, add a new ATM 5A fuse
in the positions you have activated. (ATM 5A = VW pn N 102 615 01)

Complete - two new circuits added