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Add yourself to the MK5 map !!


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New to the mk5 scene .. all i gotta say is that harmonic sound from the turbo after putting in a vwr intake f*n sucks .. changed the DV to a turbo smart one and no difference 😐

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Pittsburgh pa
New here

Hey I've read many posts and have gotten a lot of help and great info reading them but I never joined. So finally did. So just mkv owner from Pittsburgh pa still working on it. I want to say thanks and if anybody in the PGH area is in need of help with vag com or mechanical work please let me know.


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I own an 06 gti fsi and i first got it running smooth at about 108k nothing wrong with it besides wheel spindle.100% stock. the car has been serviced properly thru the 2 previous owners. at about 115k i blew #2 coil pack. and I've gotten a boat load of problems since then. Spark plugs, cam follower, fuel pressure sensor, maf, air filter, dv valve, etc. you name it i did probably did it. So now that i have no more check engine lights. Im very unhappy with the way the performance is as its not the same as when i first got it. Again no cel. there just seems to be a lag of power. Theres just no pull and it feels like I'm driving a dam civic. turbo does spool normally. MPG is terrible maxing out 16 city 18 highway. I don't know whether or not i have a boost leak or if i have to get injectors serviced or if i have to get it re tuned. i am broke right now and i can't get a diagnoses done at the moment. Any ideas would be helpful!!
Hi, when my maf sensor packed up gave those problems but u say u replaced that so.....strange, could be a software problem

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