Adatec Turbocharger


Passed Driver's Ed
Hello folks, I wanted to just warn anyone who'd be thinking of purchasing the " ADATEC " K04 turbocharger to stay away. My first impression when I received the turbocharger was pretty good, I was really impressed at the size of the turbine compared to my K04 064. Install was ok besides the internal wastegate need to be slightly clocked because it was facing the engine and required to be clocked away from the engine. Started tuning, everything was ok until we reached 20 psi. Started hearing screeching noises coming out of the filter (metal hitting metal). Removed the turbo to find the compressor wheel's edges shattered.
I contacted them straight after (this was a couple of months ago) and informed them of exactly how it happened and how long it lasted. They responded by saying I misused it, how because I turned the boost to 20psi lol. One year warranty that is mentioned is a load of rubbish.

I am currently GTX3071r 0.82r and still in the tuning stage (21 psi) and car is flying. I came across ADATEC turbo and thought I'd make this review to warn people to stay away.