30 pin iPod dock to Bluetooth adapter


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Hello all,

This is my first time posting an first time on a forum at all! I have recently bought a Mk5 1.6FSI Match edition and absolutely love it, I am kicking myself for not having bought one years ago. The audio interface is somewhat outdated, which has brought me here in search of your combined expertise as I am a total virgin in my knowledge of this car, please see below for details of my issue.

Is there a known 30 pin Bluetooth adapter that will slot into the OEM iPod dock in the armrest?
All of the options I have searched online do not work with VW or they only work with the MDI cable (not sure why)
I would like to keep my car original and utilise the 3o pin port I have to connect my iPhone via Bluetooth.

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I'm right there with you. The Invery modules appear to start their compatibility with the generation after the MFD2 (which I believe is where the MDI stuff comes in). I haven't found any information about what makes all of their retrofit modules different, but I'm surprised that there would be more than one way to pipe Bluetooth to the 30pin interface, wihch I imagine has a standard pinout no matter what it's hooked up to.

I did find some hints that there are some products that will allow the steering wheel buttons to work with 3rd party head units, which is my main concern, but I don't know enough to say more yet. Frankly all I want is to have bluetooth and steering wheel controls, ideally with a head unit that doesn't look out of place, and then maybe a backup camera. If I had the extra money I'd just buy some of those Invery modules and see if one works anyway, but $90 is steep to play around with for this.

I have a bunch of tabs open to AliExpress options that look interesting, but I still have to do some research for the MFD2 connections that make something like that usable. on top of all this my screen has started to die, so I don't even know if I'll stay with MFD2. (I could probably find a replacement for pretty cheap, tho) Anyway, enough about my problems, everything we're talking about here takes a lot of time for hopping around a zillion tabs, so it'll probably still take some time before some real answers emerge. Answers other than "RNS510" and "retrofit a mk6 steering wheel," that is.


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Did either of you ever find a solution to this problem?
I took a punt on a 30 pin iPod to lightning lead. As it was Apple it cost nearly £40 and didn’t work. My iPhone wouldn’t even recognise the lead…
I’ve seen this:
Airdual Bluetooth 5.0 aptX-HD Adapter for 30 pin iPod iPhone Music Interface Include Audi VW Mercedes Land Rover( AMI iPod iPhone Cable NOT Included)

But again at £90 it’s an expensive gamble. Either of you had any experience in finding something that utilises the in built iPod dock in the cars arm rest?