3 door vs 5 door


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I bought the 5 door for the main reason parking spaces in the UK are very small and the doors on the 3 door are HUGE and heavy. Getting in and out of the 5 door with its smaller doors from either the front or rear is easier.


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I still think the 3 door looks far nicer but the practical side of the 5 door won me over. The 5 doors also made loading the rear with the seats down easier as you can open the door to help goods slide in easier over the folded seats.


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ive been told that 5 doors sell more than 3 doors in the UK. dont see many 3 doors here, except for mine (when it is ready)


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There does tend to be more 5 door mk v's where I'm from than 3 doors, but not having a family nor a need to someone or items to be constantly in the rear seats, the 3 door was what I opted for and is the look I much prefer over the 5 door (don't get me wrong the 5 door is a great looking car, I just prefer the 3 door that little bit more).


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I prefer the looks of the 3door, but the 5door is more practical. Here in SA we only get the 5door version.:frown:


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3 door- Sportier, bit more of the compact look

5 door-Heavier? I may be wrong though...feel free to prove me wrong

I have only owned 2 door hatches and my beetle so, don't think I'll be changing anytime soon...5 door just makes it into more of a family car.


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I love the look of the 5-door, as it displays the C-Pillar and IMO the lines of the car flow better too.

The 3-door is likely to be better at handling, with a more rigid construction and possibly a touch quicker with 2 less doors.

I prefer the 5-door - this is just my opinion, as I like the look and this is coming from somebody with a 2-door Coupe. My parents just placed an order for a 5-door Golf GTi with DSG in Steel Grey fully loaded - a beautiful killer car!

I believe each type of car has an advantage in what the primary use is going to be (or simply what you like/prefer).

I reckon I'll buy one after having my "beast" for 2 or 3 years :evil:


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Das_Meister said:
Why is the 5 door so much more practical? Do you really find it that hard to slide
the seat forward to get in? I'm 6'3" and I have more problems getting in some 4/5 door cars than the Golf.

Also with the 3 door, if you have something large to place in the back seat, (example a large CRT TV) its alot easier than the 5-door.

This is all from my experiences. BTW if you get either, you're still a winner.

5 door will be far more practical for those of us with kids...Getting my sons in and out of my MKIV GTI wasn't the problem...getting back there to buckle their belts is a drag.

I have my wife convinced that a MKV R36 with DSG is the next family car for us...that is if VW brings the 5 door to the US.


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Yeah...I agree with most of the sentiments here....the 3 door is sportier, but the 5 door is more practical....and as mk1-fan said, here in South Africa we don't have a choice as only 5 door is available. I guess it made my decision easier. hehehe.