2008 GTI Stopped Running


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Houston, Texas
2008 Volkswagen GTI
My 2008 GTI finally stopped running. Before it died, when I would get it up to speed at around the 2000 RPM it would briefly lose a bit of power, then after a couple of seconds it'd "catch up" and be fine (it would do this with most the gears when shifting). At the the same time it would "lag" the check engine light would flash (my check engine light has been on for some time due to an O2 sensor). Then randomly while I was pulling into a gas station, I lost all power to the engine and since has not turned over. My suspicion is the intake manifold may not be working and allowing proper air flow. Here is a video of how the car sounds when trying to start. Would someone be able to point me in the correct direction?


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Lots of things can prevent our cars from starting. No gas. Bad throttle body. Failed low pressure fuel pump. Failed crank position sensor. Snapped camshaft chain. Bent valves. Sounds like it's turning so I guess battery and starter are good. Start with the basics. Compression test it. And, of course, scan for DTCs.