2008 GTI - headliner and door cloth falling off - can I just go down to the plastic?


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North Carolina
'08 GTI
I'm hoping for some help from the group. I have a 2008 GTI, 4 door, with over 205k miles. It runs great, and looks pretty good on the outside. I put money into keeping it running well. But the interior...

In the North Carolina heat, my headliner fell down last summer. This year, the cloth on the doors is coming off.

Has anyone ever removed that yellow tacky/foam adhesive and gone to bare plastic? Would it look terrible? I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the plastic shell may be grey?

Or alternatively - I saw a video on replacing the headliner. That doesn't look too hard except for removing hardware - not too sure about those clips. But the doors - can I just glue back cloth where it is coming off? If not just taking it down to the plastic?

Any advice would be very appreciated. I'd like to keep my car as long as I can but I'm not prepared to put a lot of money into fixing up the interior. But it looks awful right now. Help?