2007 VW GTI, 4 door, DSG, $4,200, North New Jersey


Passed Driver's Ed
2007 GTI with DSG, 4-door - $4,200 (located in North New Jersey)
~113,000 miles

Car is technically in excellent shape but it has a few dings and scratches commensurate with the age of the car. Did some autocross and track days with the car from 2013 to 2016. Car handles like a go-kart and is a blast to drive.

I have 5 cars right now and it is too much for my driveway so I would like to sell the GTI.

- H&R Clubsport, re-valved to reduce understeer with slightly stiffer springs
- Integrated engineering camber plates
- SuperPro roll centre ball joints
- Whiteline caster kit
- Eibach 26mm front sway bar
- H&R 24mm rear sway bar
- 034 Motorsports front end links
- All bushings upgraded to either poly or stiffer rubber
- Dom strut brace (Wiechers)
- TyrolSport deadset kit front and rear

Engine and drivetrain:
- AWE-Tuning full exhaust (HJS racing cat)
- VWR-intake
- No ECU tune but makes 195whp on dyno
- 034 Motorsport track grade engine mounts
- 034 Motorsport dog bone
- Wavetrac LSD
- New DSG mechatronic (January 2019)
- Timing belt and water pump done a while back
- Replaced thermostat and oil cooler gasket one year ago
- Cam follower replaced every 20,000 miles
- Engine runs very well and no "check engine" light
- No oil leaks of any kind

- Stoptech rotors
- Carbotech XP10 pads front and rear (rear is new)
- Stainless steel brake lines
- Bushings from ECS Tuning

- 4 17x8 with 225/45 Bridgestone RE-71R (18lbs rims) and 2 17x9 with 245/40 Bridgestone RE-71R (for front axle)
- Snow tires on steel wheels
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