2006 GTI lease return in ~2 weeks. Any one looking to buy?


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My Reflex silver 2006 GTI goes back to the dealer in about 2 weeks. Anyone looking to buy can get a great GTI that has been relatively care free.

Any one interested in details should PM me or reply here. Fun facts:

- Level 2 trim. Leather seats in good condition, sunroof, Climatronic HVAC.

- Current mileage 45k.

- DSG tranny. 40k service performed by me. No problems at all. Ever.

- Body straight and clean. Interior cared for well.

- Equipped with 18" Hufs.

- Monster mats and Gorilla gear equipped. Well, at least it does now. Who knows after I give it back to the dealer.

-Oil changed every 5k miles.

- Past warranty work has been the intake tumble motor and the rear wiper.
That's it.

- And maybe one other surprise for the next owner. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

I have no vested interest as this is a lease return. I'm just announcing this for any potential buyers who want a well maintained GTI.
This car is in the Brookfield, WI area. :thumbsup:
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