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2.0 Tfsi swap


New member
Hello guys.
im considering swapping in a 2.0 from a gti in my mk5 1.4 tsi(Twincharger).
Which modifications do i need to make for the swap to work?
Heres what i got:
Engine, engine wiring harness, exhaust from a gti, IC, IC pipes, coolant hoses, radiator??, axels?, fuel pump??Speedo??
What about plugging my harness into the 2.0 ecu, is that gonna work?
(Thinking about getting the immobiliser removed from the 2.0 ecu to make it easier, good idea?)
And last, what coding will need to be dont for the central electronics to work properly? :D
I can do all the work by myself, just need all the info and parts gathered, and some electric advise :D
Sorry for the broken english, im from denmark :D