17706 coolant tempertor sensor (G83) p1960 - 008 implausible signal I NEED HELP


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Im new in this group and im hopeing i can get some help.
i have a golf 6 multifuel.

i get these codes after i managede to get it plugged into a vag

17706 - Coolant temp sensor at radiator outlet (G83)
P1298 - 008 Implausible signal

16502 Engine coolant temp sensor (G62)
P0118 - 06 Signal too high - intermittent

I had an auto mechanic change my battery to a new one. But when i got back my car my cooling fan started to spin at full rpm with in a week everytime i turn on my car. I returned my car to the mechanic and they conclueded that it has nothing to do with their work, meaning its not their fault the fan started to spin at full rpm.

So i looked up reasons why the fan could spin like it does.
I changed the cooling temp sensor (G83) it worked like a charme for only 12 hour, then it started again spinning at full rpm.
Then i though it may be the cooling radiator so i changed that, but no luck. (i returned the cooling raditor afterwards)
I then changed the coolant fluit.
Then i changed the Relay and nothing, still spinning like hell. full rpm. and its just draining my gasoline.

there are 3 more faults but for some reason i didnt take a picture of those. i will update this pust later in 24 hours.


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What is the engine type & code.

The G83 is for coolant temps coming from the radiator towards engine, the G62 is for coolant temps coming out from engine. Find the sensor for coolant out of engine.
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