1.6 FSI electric issues


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golf 1.6 fsi 5dr
Since i got this car the two front doors don't lock properly, the boot & back doors work fine.
had an incident where a gate post decided it wanted to stick out past the kerb and hug my car doors which i had to replace.
I've replaced them with doors from another model car which the front is identical but the back passenger door is an electric window whereas my old one was manual.

since i've replaced these doors the electrics in my left passenger front door doesn't work, but i'm still able to control the window from the driver side controls (just not any of the buttons on the door)
and it still does not lock.
are the wiring looms still wired the same, the 'breaker' told me the doors were from a mk5 GT that was black but i have no idea how similar it is beyond being able to bolt on

on a final note i have a few DTC codes:
0287, 0229, 1552, 0928, 1032 and 0929
any help would be appreciated i don't fancy having my wallet drained by a mechanic if i can solve this myself


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