■■■ Sydney Dyno Day - Sunday 4th of September ■■■


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Sydney VW / Audi (VAG!) Dyno Day

Sunday, 4th of September ■■ 8:30am till late (5:30/6pm usually)

Entrant Price: $65 which will include 2 runs as well as Food & Drinks. Food will be on from 12pm. Drinks available throughout the day obviously. We also may have a Cafe Truck at this Dyno if posible.

Spectators: $2 Donation (Why you ask? Because you'll be eating food that others have paid for and you're a spectator! Be reasonable!) Thankfully some food has been offered to be donated for this day.

Location: Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd
Factory 3, 35 Violet St. Revesby (off Old Canterbury Rd) Map Link Here

Cash Payment on the day itself on arrival. If you could please be a little organised as would appreciate the exact amount or close to so its easier to provide change!.

We do need to know rough idea on who is attending to be sure we cater for enough food and drinks for everyone attending. Even if your coming down for a chat/and catch up please let us know!

Every VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda are welcome from old new brand new, modified to unmodified. Other friends are welcome with non VAG cars but please remember this is an VAG dyno day (vw/audi cars a like) and the members do get priority. We encourage every car unmodified and modified to jump on for comparison's.

It is not based on whose car is more powerful, it is a get together/gathering and bbq day as much as a 'dyno run day'. Also a great way to get a base reading pre-modifying your car before you decide or go down the modifying path. (if so).

As again this is an AWD dyno meaning all 4wd, AWD, RWD and FWD vehicles can run. They do have experience running DSG vehicles yes, it is a Mainline Rolling Dyno not a "shoot out" like dyno day if you'd like to call it. So you will get an accurate-ish "at the wheels" reading.

Please let me know number guys.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me or post a reply. We usually tend to have 40-50 cars at each dyno day. Maybe we can break it this year.

ps. i do not guarantee time slots. first show first run unless want you/they want to wait till later. If you turn up at 3pm and expect to jump on straight up when 15+ people are awaiting you will have to wait too! sorry please do not ask

Please post your name up here and continue on from there. If you're a reader and not a poster email me on

If you are not interested in running your car thats all good!... But get your ass down to the day anyway and catch up with everyone as its a good excuse too!


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sounds like fun, count me in :)


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Seems I'll be in Sydney for Saturday night for a party, so what better way to follow up Sunday than with this?

I'll have to try get my APR tune in before hand so I can have a look at the difference


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Hey Everyone after sitting in traffic for the last hour i thought id have a bit of a whinge; I was pretty disappointed to get there at 4:20pm this arvo to find it all over and no more dyno runs....seemed a little early considering the advertising clearly reads 6pm.