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    Oil around DV housing and TB pipe after catch can install

    Check the catch can to see how often it fills up, and your oil level to make sure it doesn’t drop too fast. As long as neither is excessive you should be ok.
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    Whiteline Springs arrived...mounting them in about a week.

    Damn. Never thought super sports would get that low. Looks good!
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    Whiteline Springs arrived...mounting them in about a week.

    What were you on previously to get below 24” ftg? I’m kind of in the same boat. Tired of the harsh ride being lowered, may be time to start climbing back up.
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    LED tails quad ring VCDS mod

    Necrobump! Anyone ever figure out quad parking/turn/brake? I currently have quad parking and turn, but only the outer centers are brakes. Don’t mind soldering/repinning, but I don’t have the experience to figure out how to set up on my own.
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    Putting an MK6 rear bumper on an MK5.

    It is possible, but requires body work. Found this guy. Combined a mk5 r32 bottom with a Mk6 top. He said the widths don’t match up.
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    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Yes, the fronts will bolt right in for both. Mk7 rears definitely will not fit. Don’t know about 6.
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    TSI Intake Manifold Removal DIY + Valve Cleaning

    I did a ton of research before I attempted mine. This was the best video Ifound. Good camera work, shows every step clearly. Check ahead of time your bit will clear through the manifold to access the bottom 2 bolts. Watch out for the injector harness when reinstalling, it gets in the way...
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    Unitronic Stage 2 w/o uni downpipe

    Yep, you’ll be ok. Downpipe required, but an eBay special works just fine.
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    2006 GTI tail light coding help

    Check your tail light connectors. Should be 3 wires. If the previous owner had LEDs installed they may have run a 4th wire to the tail connectors. Then stock coding wouldn’t function as normal.
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    Funny, I just got a Uniconnect. Same issue. Acts like it’s not plugged in. Already disabled driver signature. Did you have any luck resolving this? EDIT: my issue was something on their end. I didn’t have to do anything. It did require a phone call, so having to find time to flash my car...
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    Is the cable paired to the car? They’re non-transferable.
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    2006 GTI tail light coding help

    Yeah that sounds like a coding issue. I believe when stock, the brakes should be the outer lights, but a full circle. And the turns should just be the outer halves. I don’t have the stock coding on hand, unfortunately.
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    Muffler “suitcase” delete for GTI Mk5

    Nope. They made a resonator delete, not a suitcase delete. My bad. I’m sure any...
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    Muffler “suitcase” delete for GTI Mk5

    I think ECS made a delete.
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    Rear hatch struts

    I saw a DIY somewhere. Guy bent the end of a coat hanger into a loop to hold a nut, and snaked it around to the hole.
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    New owner - diving in headfirst.

    Pretty sure your only options are Rabbit, GTI, r32, and thunder bunny.
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    MK5 Bolt Part Number List?

    Also, if it’s a TSI, I’d head to the mk6 forum. A little more life than this one.
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    MK5 Bolt Part Number List? Part numbers in the link.
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    Ive used both. Different materials. Currently have the ECS kit with no issues.
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    Water in spare tire well

    Pulling the bumper isn’t difficult. This is what I used first time. FYI, I thought I had same issue, but my leak was from the sunroof drain connection. It would run along the headliner and down...