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    Gold Tarmacs

    Well, I finally got my Tarmacs powder coated. I went back and forth on three colors for many months and this was the outcome. Spanish Gold Metallic with Vision Clear powdered on top. The local shop called Dun-Right Q C Coating did a wonderful job. The tires are Neogens 215-40-18. I...
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    My Boring R32

    Finally after a wash, iron cut, clay, menzenra compound, polishes, powerlock, and some Autoglym HD wax, I'm ready for summer. All I have to say is thanks to my porter cable for cutting my time down. Now time for the pictures.. DSC_2661 by john.voyles, on Flickr DSC_2663 by john.voyles, on...
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    DIY: OEM GTI fog lights on R32

    Ladies and gentlemen, This is my attempt at installing OEM GTI fog lights on my R32. Ever since I sold my GTI, I have dearly missed my fog lights as DRLs. This is the start to how I am installing the fogs while staying on a small budget and looking classy still. I picked up the brackets at the...
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    GTI fog lights

    I installed some GTI OEM fogs on my R32 and haven't put a wiring harness in yet. Pictures below of my progress. I still have to trim open the rear grill guard so the fogs only stick through. I also shaved a little on the currrent grill to let more light pass out. I wonder if the light will make...
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    Pic request: OEM fogs behind non-foglight Jetta grills.

    I'm requesting a picture of some one with OEM fog lights behind some non fog light grills with the lights turned on. I would like to see how much the grills actual block the light. Why am I asking this? I installed some GTI OEM fogs on my R32 and havn't put a wiring harness in yet. Pictures...
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    WTB: passenger side fog light

    As title states: WTB passenger side fog light Let me know how much you want for one.
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    Back in the game.. R content inside

    I installed some Silverline Plus's last week on my R and figured I would share some snaps from today. I can't get them to post from Flickr.
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    Rain sensor problems

    I've been having problems with my rain sensing wipers lately. I place the stalk one above off( intermittent) and place the adjustable thing on top to far right. The rain has to come down hard for them to work. I looked at the sensor and seen it looks like below. I took it to the dealer last...
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    My R32

    Here's an HDR I did last month. Give me your opinions. Here's one from today with a polarized filter. Yes, the car is dirty. lol
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    FK Silverline X coils: 800 shipped

    I have some silverline X coils. They are adjustable in height and dampening with stainless steel bodies. I used them for about 6.5K miles for about 7 months. They cost me 1150 bucks and I have the receipt with them. 800 shipped will cover shipping and pay pal fees. I will start to add some cell...
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    Monster matts

    50+ shipping
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    Forge Shift Knob

    Forge Big shift knob, Polished. 70 Shipped.
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    Candy White color matched side markers

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    BSH catch can

    BSH catch can with ball valve drain and drain hose. I also have extra black hose. I also have extra fittings. 175 shipped
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    16" Audi Swing wheels/Dunlop 3d winters

    WTT/WTS:16" Audi Swing wheels/Dunlop 3d winters I got some Audi 16" swing wheels painted red(OSHA red) with 205-55-16 winter tires. I used them for two seasons. I would easily say 2.5-3 winters left on them. One has some paint chips on the face thanks to my sister rolling her truck tires over...
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    08 GTI, CW, 2 door, 6 spd

    2008 CW 2 door 6 spd apr 2 + I'm anal about keeping this car clean. I would rate the exterior as a 9/10 as there are only minor little rock chips on hood. Hardly noticeable but I am honest here. I think 2 if memory serves me correct on the hood. I am the sole and only owner. I don't smoke nor...
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    My new addition to the family

    I already have a euro plate to cover the plate holes. Just sucks I have to drill more holes to cover up them ones. Of course I still have my 6 spd GTI.
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    Questions regarding the 40K service

    Getting ready to pick up a R this week. I will have to do all the 40K service but the DSG flush.(dealer will do the DSG) 1.)I plan on doing plugs,cabin filter,oil change, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. What am I missing? 2.)What about the differentials? Is there three like my wife's...
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    Random boredness

    Random boredness at the parents house back in PA.