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    2009 UG 4-door, APR K04!

    I recently moved and go ta new job looking to sell my GTI and get an R even though i know it will be slower. It is a United Grey, 4-door, 6MT car. In general the car is very clean. Has currently has 75k miles. I bought it just under two years ago with 50k miles as a CPO car and my commute to...
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    Moving to Scottsdale, need advice

    I'm moving to Scottsdale, AZ next week. I'll be in town by 9/6/13 and supposed to be staying with some of my wife's family until we get a little settled. I've been looking at apartments and condos in Central and North Scottsdale but they're all rated horribly and it's hard to sift through the BS...
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    FOR SALE: H&R Super Sport springs

    My stock shocks finally started to give out. Instead of replacing my shocks with something better i opted to replace my suspension with ST coilovers. These springs still function great, only swapped them out with coilovers because i wanted to go a little lower. $150 shipped OBO
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    FOR SALE: Neuspeed Intake for TSI, Red, Clean like new!

    Was on my wife's car for about 1k miles and is in perfect condition. Swapped out because she wanted a Carbonio. $170 shipped OBO
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    FOR SALE: Eibach Sportline Springs

    These were on my wife's car for about 6k miles and the person i bought them from had about ~8k miles on them. They were perfectly functional when removed. Only removed from the car because it was getting sold. PM me with any questions $125 shipped OBO
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    FOR SALE: Koni Coilover kit, MK5 MK6 GTI

    Bought these for my car and decided I want an intercooler and tires instead. Bought these from a seller with about 20K on them. Never installed on my car. Asking $650 shipped OBO
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    FOR SALE: 2008 GTI, DSG, 2DR, Black, CLEAN!

    I'm pretty much just going to copy and paste my craigslist ad into here. The car is stock. As you can see from the parts i've sold recently it was APR stage 2+ at one point and currently has the tune installed for 2+ but it is in stock mode. We're looking to expand our family and i just picked...
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    FOR SALE: Koni coilover kit, MK5 MK6 GTI

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    FOR SALE: Neuspeed Intake for FSI, Clean like new!

    I bought this from a local guy literally two nights ago for my wife's car. Fell into a good deal on a MK6 so i won't need this. The intake has about ~2k on it and it looks perfect. The filter is clean except for the spot shown from the guy taking it off with dirty gloves. PM me with any...
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    FOR SALE: APR Carbonio intake and filter for FSI!

    Selling my wife's APR / Carbonio intake and filter for FSI cars. Came off my wife's 08 GTI today. Both filter and intake are in clean condition. Selling because we're getting rid of the car for a 4-door MK6. Asking $175 shipped OBO PM me with any questions
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    FOR SALE: APR Fuel Pump upgrade for FSI!

    This just came off my wife's 08 GTI and is in perfect working condition. It looks kind of worse in the picture than it does in real life because of the metal finish. As you can see it does not come with all of the fittings and sensors. Unfortunately this is how it was shipped to me but it only...
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    FOR SALE: H&R Ultra Low Coilovers, MK5 and MK6 GOLF/GTI, JETTA/GLI

    I bought these used with 10k on them a week ago. There has been less than 100 miles put on them since i bought them due to my wife's short commute to work. They are currently installed but will be coming off this weekend. Reason for sale is because of change of direction with car, they are quite...
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    FOR SALE: 3SDM 0.05 5x112 Staggered 18x8.5 / 18x9.5 MINT!

    Selling a MINT set of 3SDM 0.05 wheels. These were originally meant for my wife's MKV GTI but she decided to go a different direction. I bought these in December from a member on and they've been sitting in my living room waiting for spring ever since. I would rather not ship...
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    Questions about fitment and tire sizes on 3SDM 0.05

    So i got my wife some 3SDM 0.05 wheels for christmas. I know the wheels will fit nice at 18x8.5 ET42 and 18x9.5" ET40 as a few people have already ran these wheels on MKVs. Car will be lowered on some set of coils before we install the wheels. Just looking for your thoughts on tire size. Since...
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    FS: OEM / Stock 09 GTI tail lights

    Upgraded to the OEM tinted tails so I'm selling my stock tail lights. The lights are pretty much perfect and will come with all of the bulbs in working condition. I took pictures but apparently didn't save them so I'll post pictures on Monday. $75 SHIPPED The picture below is for reference...
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    FS: ECS Tuning / NewSouth angled vent pod boost gauge

    I bought this from someone local about a week ago for my wife. Decided not to install it. It comes with everything that was given to me and it looks like everything that would be necessary to install the kit. Not pictured but included I will give you some more small black zip ties and the two...
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    2009 MKV GTI, 6MT, 4 Door, United Grey, Certified pre owned, MI

    Selling my 2009 GTI, 6 speed manual, 4 door, heated seats, sunroof, and premium audio. The car has about 63k miles and is under warranty until about 74k miles. There is literally nothing wrong with the car i just want something different. I put new Continental DWS tires on this spring (they're...
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    FS: 2008 Premium 7 and Sirius satellite receiver

    Selling a VW Premium 7 radio out of my wife's 2008 Volkswagen GTI. It is in perfect working order and nearly perfect physical condition. The only reason i'm selling is because we upgraded her radio to an RCD-510. Also have Sirius receiver that is no longer needed. Both were in good working...
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    WTB: Center vent parts

    I replaced the radio in my wife's car and blew up the center vents and lost some of the parts. Anyone have any spare parts that they wouldn't mind parting with for cheap? I don't want to buy the entire assembly, Specifically i need the tiny end pieces that hold the slats of the vent in place.
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    FS: OEM / Stock GTI tail lights

    Selling a set of OEM / STOCK tail lights from my wife's GTI. There are no scratches and the lights are about as perfect as a used item can get. I will include all bulbs with the lights and all of them were working when i removed them from the car. The lights will be packaged in the OEM packaging...