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    Read somewhere its to start at roughly 50K and go up from there...a bit steep if you ask me...I know the Toyota dealer in the Automall I work at is getting a few. I guess I'll have to take a peek and drive one.
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    Ever Run Tail of the Dragon?

    friend of mine went down for that with the people in his cobalt...they had a massive turn out...alot of pads and rotors lost lives that day...overall...saw a few on board vids and it seemed pretty awesome
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    H2oi 2017

    I may be going...depends on work and funds
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    ps4 or xbox

    how is doom i was thinking about buying it but wasnt sure if it was worth it
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    ps4 or xbox

    lol yeah thats rough...but its life...basically thats all my xbox is for is online or the occasional rockband time lol
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    ps4 or xbox

    i was actually gonna pick up uncharted 4 today after work...i like having both for the fact of console exclusive games....i play basically call of duty on xbox but my ps4 is mostly everything else