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    Car to flip under 5k

    Honda Fit, Subaru wrx and forester; toyota suv/truck, mr2, celica, xrs-variant matrix; ford focus svt maybe, some mustang maybe, not really into these cars; thats all i got off top of my head.
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    Car to flip under 5k

    Eighth gen civic si sedan. Saw one at a dealer for $6k. Next month that car was being flipped on CL for $8k. Desirable car cause its aged well and one of the last of the high revving naturally aspirated hondas. Of course the coupe is the same but the sedan i see gettin higher prices. Its...
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    Popular Mechanics: Why the Average New-Car Dealership Hates Selling to Enthusiasts

    Yeah. The green is not great, but no other colors interest me except silver, and silver white. The silver is my fav but wife dont like, and silver white feels a little flashy. I would be happy with any color though except black. Black gets dirty and ages worst.
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    Popular Mechanics: Why the Average New-Car Dealership Hates Selling to Enthusiasts Interesting article. This will change a little bit how I approach purchasing a 2018 GTI 'mkv7.5' this year. For example, I will make time to go on a weekday when...
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    Milo Yiannopoulos just came out as a pedophile

    No one cares about milo, except those who feel upset that he may be perceived as representative of gay people. They don't want to be associated and would like to see him go away. Yes, people are told to believe trump is anti-gay, and milo supports trump, so they also hate milo. People who...
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    Milo Yiannopoulos just came out as a pedophile

    By the way I originally linked the wrong video in my other post. Here it is:
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    Milo Yiannopoulos just came out as a pedophile

    You could've directly PMed dead_catz... Don't care enough to watch the vid or its unedited source. Not condoning pedophilia. I hate celebrity culture and milo seems a little more interested in celebrity and entertainment (if you find it that) than activism but that was just my impression from...
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    Ticket Help

    Haters gonna hate.
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    Official Inauguration Day Thread

    Trump interview with Bill O'Reilly pre super-bowl with prediction: He also said Putin and America are both murderers. Da fuq? It's called war (for oil/national security). America 1st. Honestly?! O'Reilly's face too when American President said that.
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    Official Inauguration Day Thread

    Just listened to a Hancock episode. Human civilizations pre-"human civilization" AND cataclysmic meteors past and future. Excellent.
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    Official Inauguration Day Thread

    I've never heard Alex Jones before, but he was on joe rogan experience recently. It's long, but I can't turn it off. Shit starts conspiracy theory level crazy, then just crazy. Wild stories that could be great movie scripts. Fun listen so far.: I'm...
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    Official Inauguration Day Thread
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    Moving to Japan, car suggestions?

    So many things Definitely something that is or will be soon import legal. Mazda autozam az1
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    So my Buyback Offer just arrived, time to get serious about what to buy...

    Subaru WRX because it won't depreciate hard. Audi/BMW _____ because it's pretty and nice to be in. Mkvi R because it's depreciated and cheap bcause it's not pretty, but it will be a hatch and be a bit more interesting. New R because it's the boss. Focus RS ?
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    Time to look for an AWD/4wd vehicle for work

    Trade-in GTI? For a jalopy from Craigslist: Forester, RAV4 2door, CRV, and the wild Vehicross, these are my picks.
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    The Official Road Rage Story Thread

    Props to both of you. I don't know if I'd call that road rage or justice. Someone farts in your face, then you've got to stand up for yourself. And you walked away like a little gentlemen. Edit: @arcsandsparks damn1 x2