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    FS: '07 Bagged Rabbit (NJ) + 17" OZ Futuras

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    I lowered a skateboard

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    This licence plate made my day

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    I lowered a skateboard

    Thanks bro. Finishing it up today lol. I'll post some more pics when done ;) damn! I'll see what I can do. I should just take pics of it in the when people want to seem lower than they actually are :lol:
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    I lowered a skateboard

    ^ haahahaa
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    I lowered a skateboard

    I skated back in middle and high school. I skated all street. I either skated with Mini Logo or Baker. lmao! I'm not low enough?? I put a skid plate on the bottom so all you hear is it scraping around hahahaa. I fucking love this thing; so childish, but I don't even care. Swiss :cool...
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    I lowered a skateboard

    This is what I built today. Enjoy Follow me and I'll follow back :) @itznj
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    What's going on everyone. I'm sure there is a videogame thread somewhere around here, but if anyone wants to play forza on 360 hit me up. Gamertag: iTz JERSEY
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    F!ck being a nice guy