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    Could someone identify this part for me?

    Shit that makes so much sense now haha, I thought my left headlight was pointing slightly lower than my right the last while but also thought I could just be seeing things. Thanks guys!
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    Could someone identify this part for me?

    Stupid question here but I don't know much about small parts - I was rotating my tires the other day and noticed this plastic piece broken off in my front wheel well. It looks like it's attached to a sensor or something and should span the gap down to the little knob on the control arm. Could...
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    Help with 2007 GTI Idle Issues

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had an idea of what could be going on with my 2007 MK5 GTI DSG. A couple weeks ago I started noticing some engine issues - a rough idle with rpm drops, random idle surges up to 1500 rpm and a slight hissing noise when I turned off the engine. The CEL also came...