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    Thanks - this forum is getting worse for this kind of thing. I’ve responded to a couple of ads recently and then had other people reach out and say “I heard you were looking for...” with the same scam.
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    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Do you happen to know if the seat heaters are compatible?
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    I have a set.
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    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Still looking.
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    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    MK5 or MK6 GTI Leather Seats...
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    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Great - thanks for your help. I will post pictures when I complete the install. I just missed a pristine new condition set here in SoCal because someone else beat me to it. Such is Craigslist I guess.
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    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    MK5, MK6, MK7 for front seats is fine.
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    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Great - so MK7 front seats will fit. That is excellent news. I am less concerned about the rear seats for now. It seems they are easier to find. Any issue with an airbag error in the front?
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    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Looking for leather seats to replace my plaid ones. Prefer heated. So Cal is ideal, but willing to pay for shipping. Top $ paid.
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    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Anyone know if MK6 or even MK7 seats fit in the MK5? I know that the seat heater plugs are different, but is it possible to install them?
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread -- Part 2

    Thanks man! I just picked up the trim from the R and it looks great. Couldn’t find the Ashtray, but have both doors and dash trim installed now. Pretty happy with it. I will definitely try the Rancho Cordova salvage yard to see what they can do for me. I almost purchased a set of seats on...
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread -- Part 2

    Seems like this place might be dead. I am looking for some parts and figured I would try here. 1. Leather Seats (I have an 09 MK5) Front / Bach preferred. Front only is ok. 2. Interior Trim from the R - machined aluminum ashtray, etc. 3. Stealth Sub Box for the back.
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    Uber-Stealth Audio- Summer Sale?

    Stupid question, but is there a solution where I can still cover the spare tire?
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    Need speaker upgrades!

    Looking for recommendations on speaker upgrades for an MKV 2 door GTI. Focal has a nice replacement set, but 699 seems nuts. Alternatively, I could go with Infiniti 6.5 2-way speakers in the back and some kind of split set up in the doors up front. Curious what you guys have tried and if a sub...
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    Where to buy Miro in SoCal

    Cracked a Miro 111 and need to replace one. 18x8.5 5x120 et35 in / around LA. Any recommendations? I tried contacting Miro and they don't respond or answer the phone. Many thanks.
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    Anyone replace Miro 111 Center Caps? Got pics?

    I've called Miro a couple times and haven't had any luck finding out if I can replace the center caps with VW branded caps or something similar. Get no response about what size the caps are. Has anyone here replaced them? If so, any sources / info on size?