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  1. JonnyBigBoss

    Why is it so difficult to find the correct tire size for my car?

    I've spent more than an hour trying to determine which tire size to buy for my 2008 GTI with the upgraded wheels (not the stock Detroits). It's unbelievable to me that you can't find this information readily available. So, I come here for some help and am greeted by a huge table full of numbers...
  2. JonnyBigBoss

    Dealership screwed up my linkage

    So I went to the local VW dealership last Friday to have the mechanic do an analysis for the transmission and suspension. This is my first German car and I wasn't sure if everything was working as intended. They ended up doing work on the linkage and said that what they did improved my...
  3. JonnyBigBoss

    Do you also get lots of road noise?

    I purchased my 2008 GTI a couple months ago. Fast forward to just two weeks ago I installed a new suspension. During the install the shop said they needed to replace my strut mounts. I gave them the green light. Just this week my front right wheel bearing went bad and I got a LOT of road noise...
  4. JonnyBigBoss

    Bad wheel bearing [VIDEO]

    So yesterday while driving home from my Sister's house I began to hear a grinding noise coming from the front axle/wheel area. It turns out it was one of my wheel bearings had gone bad. I figured I'd share my footage of the problem in case any of you ever come across it. If you do, make sure...
  5. JonnyBigBoss

    When to clean FSI carbon build up?

    So I purchased a 2008 GTI with the 2.0T FSI engine a couple months ago. It's been great to me but there's one symptom that worries me. When I start the car in the morning for the first time it takes a couple seconds to start. I can hear it go up in pitch then drop with a bass note before finally...
  6. JonnyBigBoss

    Will Koni Yellows + H&R Sports remove practicality?

    I just got a 2008 GTI and in terms of its suspension and engine it's completely stock. Since it has 79k miles I've been thinking about replacing the shocks and springs. While I'm at it, I'd like to get a drop of around 1" - 1.5". It appears the well-received Koni Yellows and H&R Sports together...
  7. JonnyBigBoss

    Anyone seen this front VW emblem before?

    I just bought this 2008 GTI three weeks ago and it came with this front badge. Honestly, I haven't seen another like it, so I'm sort of curious where it came from. It looks just like the default one, but has the in-between areas cut out so the VW is "3D". Also, do you guys think I should...
  8. JonnyBigBoss

    What's the best way to color match side and rear valance?

    I'm like a lot of you. I love the GTI Mk 5 but can't stand the valance on the side and back being black/grey. I have a 2008 Candy White GTI and it's the only thing I don't like about the car. What's the best way to change this? I know you can get body kits (such as the OEM Votex kit), vinyl...