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  1. ogrisker

    Garage Flooring?

    Moving into my new home in South OC and the garage has this floor (ceramic tiles), F-car not included. I'm not too sure about it. Should I cover it with epoxy or tear it out? or is this ok as is?
  2. ogrisker

    Ignore List

    Just discovered that we have a member post/reply "Ignore" list on this site I will put it to good
  3. ogrisker

    Truck Wash

    Just washed this BEAST. Takes 2x the time as washing the GTI. :D
  4. ogrisker

    Coke or Beer?

    What's better for you. I mean healthier? Lesser of 2 evils.. 1 Beer or 1 Soda (Coke) :rolleyes:
  5. ogrisker

    What other cars do you own?

    Curious what your other cars are I have a: 2008 Toyota Sequoia (family hauler/adventures) 2015 GTI S (commuter/fun) 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6 R AWD (commuter, snowboarding trips) 4x4, FWD, AWD Each has its purpose. Each is awesome in its own way