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    Hoping there's some folks still in the Indy area that might still in this chat! So .... have a s 2007 MKV and will be starting some "fix" projects that previous owner applied to GTI and while I'm mechanically proficient I wouldn't mind having some morale support nearby! Projects include...
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    Inexpensive Down Pipe Replacement Suggestions

    So it would appear I need a new down pipe, or to me more specific the flex pipe. While I would like to upgrade the entire exhaust system to get improved sound, and performance, but right now I just need to get the get the down pipe fixed. Are there suggestions for an affordable option or is...
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    Needing Exhaust

    Anyone do an exhaust upgrade for a 2007 MKV and would like to sell their original exhaust? I'm in need for replacing my original exhaust to prepare to sell my car, otherwise I would upgrade to larger pipes. Thanks, clarusmoof
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    PlastiDip Removal

    Anyone have any experience/suggestions on removing PlastiDip from rims? Thanks, Jerry
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    Rim & Tire Question

    Bought a 2007 GTI and it came with Nexen 215/45R17 tires and what appear to be the original rims that have just been powder coated black. I'm now in need of replacing the tires and was wondering could I go back to the original 225/45R17 tires using the existing rims? How do I determine the rim...
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    Intercooler Pipe Question

    So I bought a 2007 GTI and it had already had some mods. But upon further investigation the mods are not what I would call "standard" or "ideal". Specifically, the front mount intercooler pipe appears to be a home welding project that protrudes into the fog lamp cover area. So much so that...
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    Center wheel cap

    So I’m trying to remove the center wheel cap but can’t seem to figure it out. Is it just a flat head screwdriver and pry it off? Thanks Jerry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OH OH Turbo lost boost

    Hey everybody, need your assistance! Was just driving home and starting hearing this ever so slight whosh noise, then after going through a stop sign the engine surged a couple times during acceleration. I took my foot off the accelerator and allowed the surge to stop. I then reapplied the...
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    What is this?

    Can someone assist me in identifying this particular part? It sits in the upper right corner of the engine near the firewall. As you can see the connector is broken and I would like to replace it if I knew what it was and to ask for! Thanks! Clarusmoof
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    Looking for stock intake

    I bought a 2007 MKV and it has a Ingen intake installed. From the different intakes I've seen, it would appear the Ingen intake doesn't seem to fit well. So, I was just thinking of returning to the stock intake. Anyone have the stock intake parts for sale? Thanks! Clarusmoof