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    Official Canada FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread #2

    Hi, I have my APR HPFP for sale came off my Stage 2+ GTI fits BPY engines (FSI timing belt) I also have an Ultimate Racing 3in Catless turbo-back exhaust. It quieter than most catted TBE setups, also has an extra bung for wideband, and spacer for secondary o2 sensor, I ran the APR 2+ catless...
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    FS: intercooler and coilovers

    Hello, I have for sale the following BRAND NEW NEVER MOUNTED ATP Turbo FMIC intercooler with garret core rated to 400hp. This is not some cheap chinese garbage. No cutting of anything required. direct bolt on. I paid 950 new...looking for 750 obo... low ballers gtfo =) I also have a set of...
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    WTB: Driver side rear door

    looking for a drivers side rear door for my 4door mkv gti. must be BMP (black) fastest contact via email or text 647 889 three three 8 zero arj116@gmail dot com
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    baby coming! new stuff part out

    hey all! its been a while since i've had any activity on here. but now the time has come to say good bye to my go fast bits to accumulate funds for for my baby boy! Please email for me pics. I suck at uploading pics on here. you can email me at: or text me at: 1 (647)...
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    H2SPORT Cam Follower kit finally installed!!! Really awesome!!! Pics included!!!

    My apr hpfp shit the bed. I have the h2sport cam fix. I bought my hpfp and camfollower from h2sport/georgetown vw in Canada. I paid the extra money and bought the new pump as opposed to rebuilt. So $2600 CAD later I was a happy pappy. Had pump done end of april/13 and it died mid november...
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    WTB: True FMIC

    looking for a true fmic. Not looking for a twin cooler or twinter cooler. Dont want the IC that sits behind the rad. Preferably looking for one of the following BSH fmic if it anodized black thats a bonus Neuspeed fmic And or* ATP turbo fmic. Thanks for looking.* For fastest response*...
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    Wtb: intercooler

    As the title says. Prefer local withinn ontario. Ideally would like a bsh fmic neuspeed or atp turbo. Will also consider golf r with hoses. Text msg is key 647 88nine 338zero tippity tappity talkin'
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    P0087 help...yes i used search...

    Hello, first off yes i did use the search function...half the threads don't half solutions because OP's don't report back or the go off topic on whos schwartz is bigger.... long story short...went for a drive last night outside temp was -10C decided to do WOT 4th gear....i hit redline and and...
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    looking for a BSH fmic ATP turbo fmic or neuspeed fmic not looking for godspeed fmic please pm me with what you have. thank you Edit no twincoolers please
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    Stage 2+ mkv vs dc5 full bolt on

    As the title says... I gave him the jump 3/3 runs Dc5 mods are I/h/e kelford cams and kpro tune All three runs were second gear 50kmh runs...I pulled him 2+ lengths all 3 runs... My first time running a modded and tuned dc5 He was a real good sport. Wish there were more people like this...
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    Fun night at the strip plus new best

    I went with 2 buddies both pushing 2jz bt swaps and my s2+ mkv. First run was a cobalt ss s/c with boltons for the love of god I could not get the car of the line. Mind you the car is dsg. Cobalt had a better reaction and hit thw finish first. But time slips said some else completely I ran 14.2...
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    From stock to 2+ and all the BS in the middle

    so where do i start..... I bought my gti from my mom in nov of '12. it was a lease she didnt drive it much so i got it with 42k km's so roughly 26k mi for my americano neighbors down south. The car was bone stock base model. I used to drive a nissan ser spec v but we wont go my...
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    Stage 2 ignition spit top of 5th *fixed*

    Sup, I was having problems with my gti with ignition cuts top of 5th and mid 6th during full load. Car currently has. Intake stage 2 apr. Catless dp apr hpfp and h2sport cam follower fix. When I removed the oem bosch pligs I checkes the gap on them and they were all at .035. I bought a new...
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    Boost wideband oil temp install

    As the title says. Looking for a good shop. Some one recommended 360 auto markham but they are too busy. Any other good vw specifc shop in markham? Pref some one with podi and vei gauge experience? Thanks, Arj Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk 2
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    Podi oil temp help!

    recently paid a premium for a podi setup. Bought 2 gauges from them. Boost gauge that matches the cluster. And a VEI dual display. Wideband/oil temp. I have everything ready to go but I am stuck. I have a probe for the oil temp. I don't don't want use ny drain plug as a location nor do I wish...
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    FS: BSH true seal + dv relocate kit

    item(s) for sale: BSH true seal intake + bsh DV relocate kit (INCOMPLETE) Location: Markham, Ontario LINK TO PICS: FS is my BSH true seal which I bought used of another mkv gti driver who F***ed me on this deal and I was too much of a noob at the time to...
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    FS: BSH true seal + dv relocate kit items missing

    *UPDATE* KIT IS NOW COMPLETE! take it all for the listed price below! item(s) for sale: BSH true seal intake + bsh DV relocate kit (INCOMPLETE) Location: Markham, Ontario LINK TO PICS: FS is my BSH true seal which I bought used of another mkv gti...