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  1. sloppyGTI

    Who in here owns a MKV R32??? Sign in!

    I have your car sir
  2. sloppyGTI

    this is good right ?

    so i knew i has some sort of boost leak . and i knew it was comming from the stock DV.. so i finally bit the bullet and ordered a few parts from ECS . this is what the DV looked like once i took it off .. mind you i didnt rip that off it came off like that in two pieces ...
  3. sloppyGTI

    So someone came to my work today .

    303793_2455410480569_301422891_n by SloppyGTI08, on Flickr they are filming an upcoming episode of Top Gear they where using a Mercedes G63 AMG suv and some of the helicopters i work on will be doing a chase scene later today .. :thumbsup::thumbsup: pretty sick to look at from the hanger floor...
  4. sloppyGTI

    factory nav unit .

    anyone know where i can buy one of the oem nav units ? :thumbsup:
  5. sloppyGTI

    who watches suns of guns ? or american guns ?

    which do you guys prefer ? cause i cannot stand the dramatic music and drama in sons of guns .. they make some pretty sweet weapons but good god the dramatic music is really annoying ... on the other hang american guns is less on the drama side ...
  6. sloppyGTI

    battlefield 3 for PC ?

    who has this if so they should add me sloppygti lets get some good squad matches going .
  7. sloppyGTI

    just one for now ..

    GTI hdr by SloppyGTI08, on Flickr
  8. sloppyGTI

    Anyone experience this??

    I'm driving back to tenn and all the sudden my car reverts back to stock mode from revo stage one anyone heard of this crap before --- I am here:
  9. sloppyGTI

    Did I wait too long?

    So 67k miles I finally got my car tuned stage one revo ... Was seriously bored this weekend so I got it done ... Yeah I know I waited a bit to jump in but oh welll at least she has her exhaust on and soon to be coils ... --- I am here:
  10. sloppyGTI

    Rusty SKILLz

    well back from overseas feels great to be back feels great to clay and wax my car and feel great to use my camera again .. so he's what i did yesterday ... Untitled by SloppyGTI08, on Flickr Untitled by SloppyGTI08, on Flickr Untitled by SloppyGTI08, on Flickr Untitled by SloppyGTI08, on...
  11. sloppyGTI

    i shoulda seen this comming

    so tonite as i was driving my car around it started to become verry jerky and it threw a CEL at every stop i made the car would shut off i belive its the cam follower causing the fuel cuts as im only here for a short time i dont have time to do the repairs on my car so does anyone know how...
  12. sloppyGTI

    clarksville tenn/nashville area

    is there anyone around the clarksville area or around fort campbell im currently deployed and was only there for a short time before i had to take off overseas so since we are leaving here soon i was hopping someone would be around this area hell even the nashville area would work .. :thumbsup:
  13. sloppyGTI

    such a newbie question but IDC

    im getting a good deal for a turboback exhaust and intercooler .. my car isnt flashed with stage 1 or 2 but i just wanna know will adding this turboback and intercooler affect anything ? im sure ill throw a CEL :thumbsup:
  14. sloppyGTI

    preparing for the worse ...

    So my nxt duty station could be alaska and I need some alaskans to chime in wth how the gti performs in weather like that .. thanks for the info!
  15. sloppyGTI

    HTC EVO vs Samsung epic

  16. sloppyGTI

    i just found my car on the VMR website .. if anyone remebers this from H20i 09 and all i was doing was looking for a new set to get on my car and i come accross this .. that photo was also in the december issue of performance VW...
  17. sloppyGTI

    i really hope this was not one of our guys ....

    let me lay the scene out for you guys here in tampa we have a stretch of and island called davis island this is where alot of fancy doctors live and what not .. its a beatiful place ... once your comming onto the island u approach a bridge that is basically one huge hump in the road if u hit...
  18. sloppyGTI

    xbox 360 for sale .