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  1. whitepony5.0

    FS: GTI Monster Mats almost new Oval Holes

    GTI Monster Mats almost new Oval Holes for sale, still in packaing, lightly used, no signs of wear. Asking $65 obo + FRT Shipping from zip code 99212 Email me at :thumbsup:
  2. whitepony5.0

    FS: 18" Huffs off of 06 GTI

    I have a set of HUFFS off of my 06 GTi all the wheels in perfect shape other than one has some minor curb rash on one side right where the tire mounts up... not super noticeable. Also included Factory lug studs and plastic caps (not shown) Asking $400 obo + FRT. I will ship from my work to...
  3. whitepony5.0

    FS: Boost Gauge Pod w/ Gauge

    Selling a NS Boost gauge pod and a glowshift gauge setup. Sold car no longer need. Asking $75 + frt for the whole thing. email me or paypal to: :thumbsup:
  4. whitepony5.0

    06-09 GTI Grille W/ RED "GTI" & Color matched emblem"

    Selling the grille off of my car I sold. No damage or rock chips. NO Holes drilled in it either. The VW emblem is plasti dipped plack and the inlay is painted red. The "GTI" is also red in color. Asking $100 + frt for everything Paypal or email me at" :thumbsup:
  5. whitepony5.0

    Custom Sub Box & Sub For hatchbacks

    I have for sale a fairly new Q-Logic Hatchback sub box & a Alpine Type S sub. All mounting hardware included as well for the box. This setup really thumps for its size and saves space. I cant re-use in my new truck. Asking $125 for the box + frt Asking $75 for the Sub + frt Or $195 for the...
  6. whitepony5.0

    NEW Bentley Manual 2006-2009 2.0L & 2.5L

    Selling a new, never used Bentley Manual. Bought to have while I owned the car, sold car never even used it. Asking $85 shipped Email or Paypal to: :thumbsup:
  7. whitepony5.0

    Cam Followers for sale (1 new, 1 used)

    I am selling a pair of Cam Followers. One is new never used (SOLD), the other has approx 9850 miles on it, showing minor wear on the DLC. Sold the car, no longer need. New asking: $40 shipped. SOLD Used asking: $30 shipped Email me or paypal to: :thumbsup:
  8. whitepony5.0

    FS: NS Gauge Pod + Glowshift Boost Gauge + boost tap

    I am selling my New south Column Gauge Pod w/ GlowShift Boost Gauge. Everything works like new. Included is the NS Pod as well as the OEM column cover. Glow shift gauge and a NEW CNC aluminum Boost Tap included The Gauge works perfect and you can change the color of the back lighting 7...
  9. whitepony5.0


    So would there be any downside to using the NGK BKR7EIX in a stock application? I may be chipping the car eventually, but I do need to change my plugs I have noticed a slight stumble at idle. Just wondering if running them now while I am stock has any downsides or if I should just put in new...
  10. whitepony5.0

    SWEET...Podi Single Gauge Pod To be release soon!!

    No sure if you guys have noticed but Podi is going to be releasing a single gauge pod for our MKV's! I saw the older thread over in the engine/exhaust section and thought I would post it up for those of you who may not look for it in there. I think that the guys at Podi probably listened to...
  11. whitepony5.0

    My a3 throttle pipe review

    So I took an hour last night to remove the GTI throttle/noise pipe and swap it out with the A3 throttle pipe I picked up off another member on the forum.... First off let me say for only having 2 bolts and 2 hose clamps that hold it to the car it sure was a Bitch to get out!! But I have...
  12. whitepony5.0

    Front Bumper Add On " lower lip"???

    Does anyone sell something similar to this add on lower center lip for a NON-R32 car?? I already have painted lowers and want to add just this center section in black. Example:
  13. whitepony5.0

    A3 throttle pipe for under $100??

    So I went to the dealer to buy an A3 throttle pipe for my 06 fsi, but they wanted $157.62 plus taxes for the special order part.... I think thats way too much for this part imo. I see that ecs sells one for about $120, but I have searched all over the internet for one under $100.... Aside from...
  14. whitepony5.0

    opinions on these wheels on my 06 TR GTI

    18", 45mm offset, Backspacing: 6.29" .... currently I am sitting on stock ride height. opinions?? will they fit?
  15. whitepony5.0

    pic request: red mkv w/ rims

    Just wanting to see specificaly red mkv's with aftermarket in the market but am having a hell of a time deciding on colors options..leaning towards a gun metal color or me your pics.
  16. whitepony5.0

    19x8..what offset & tire size

    Well I have decided to go with 19 x 8 rims, however I am not sure what offset and Tire size would be the best fit for me? I dont want to have to "roll" the fenders or do any mods to get them to a 19x8 a possible option with those factors in play?
  17. whitepony5.0

    ebay wheels...

    So I am looking at these wheels on ebay and wanted to make sure that they would work on my 06 GTI. I want wheels that are hub centric like ours, and the same width... I am not sure what the factory width is on our cars? Opinions on the wheels?? :cool:
  18. whitepony5.0

    fun fact...reminder..gas mileage

    Just thought I would post about my recent gas mileage increase...Just changed my fuel filter last weekend and have seen my MPG jump up from 28 mpg avg to 31.5 mpg on avg all week.... Car has 30k on it and its the first time its been just a reminder of those who haven't changed it in...
  19. whitepony5.0

    06-08 2.0 FSI 3" Turbo Downpipe STAINLESS

    I have decided to for go installing this new 3" turbo downpipe..I bought it a few months back its brand new I have never used it.... Its a surewinproducts 3" catless downpipe... asking only what I paid for it. $85 + shipping! any questions please email: or pm me :thumbsup:
  20. whitepony5.0

    Catch Can Tubing Routing ???

    So I was checking out the different companies style of catch cans and noticed something between 42 Draft Designs and BSH's Catch cans hose routing...if you look at 42DD tubing they have the top port off the can coming from the closest outlet off of the manifold plate, and if you check out BSH's...