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    My New MK5 R32 DBP

    Hi all. For the past few weeks I have been looking for a MK5 R32, Checked all the usual places for adverts & went to see a couple but they all turned out quite rough or minimal service history. Anyway last night I sold my Impreza and carried on looking but nothing new was jumping out at me...
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    My MK5 GTi Project

    Good Evening. Thought I would make a little thread about my MK5 Golf GTi that I have just bought, I bought the car as a bit of a project after selling my Series 2 Escort RS Turbo & then My Impreza STi. It will be my weekend toy as I work at a car sales place & have a choice of over 100...
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    25 Th Anniversary No 0672

    Got Rid of my MK5 Golf GT TDi the other day & replaced it with this Also sold my R32 Late last night so had time to get this pic of the perfect driveway
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    My little summer project

    Went & picked up a little project for me to have a play with Tonight.
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    From a MK4 to a MK5

    Just thought I would start a thread on my my GT TDi. After owning a few MK4 Golf's & spending money on them to mod them I decided this time when I sold the Golf I would hold out for a standard GT TDi 140, I looked at a few & even some 1.9 TDi sport's but none of them seemed right for me, Then...