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  1. ElectricEye

    CC Forums?

    Anyone know any good CC forums? Something good like this site? :thumbsup:
  2. ElectricEye

    Fiat Abarth Commercial

    Who saw the Fiat Abarth commercial?! :eyebulge::drool: ^^^^ That's for the hotness of the commercial, not the car.
  3. ElectricEye

    What production vehicle just pisses you off on site?

    For me as far as current vehicles are concerend, it's the Infiniti QX56. I never hated SUVs just for being SUVs, they certainly serve a purpose. I do hate this hideously ugly, bloated vehicle however. It's like Salvadore Dali crossed an SUV with the whale from Pinnochio. Honorary mention goes...
  4. ElectricEye

    Ugly Cars

    Anybody have any favorite Ugly Cars? The ones that just get under your skin? :mad0259: I'll stick with current vehicles and thus leave out the obligatory Aztek. I'm not bothered by little oddball cars, so they get a pass in my book - the Nissan Cubes, Honda Elements, Nissan Juke etc... I'll...