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    Searching for part number for 2.0t FSI BPY K03 turbo muffler o-ring

    OK, today I found out that the K03 does not have a seal/o-ring.

    '08 GTi FSI K04 Breaking up high RPM under load

    I too feel a look at certain data is good to rule out other possibilities. Such as mass air, fuel pressures, timing advance, etc.. Mine had issues with breaking up without codes just once. That was when I switched from my GIAC tune to DriverMotorsport 8 or 9 years ago. I switched to PFR7B plugs...

    How To Access Turbo to Work On

    Replacement K03: They are near $900 for a new Borg Warner, $1300 for a Borg Warner with a VW/Audi badge, and less for rebuilds and clones. To mention users: I quote or multi-quote and edit/reduce their post. Like I did ↑ with yours. Though you have to leave something from their post. Or you...

    Searching for part number for 2.0t FSI BPY K03 turbo muffler o-ring

    Not for me, but trying to find for someone else. I see part number WHT 006 482 and Urotuning and ECS sites say this fits all MKV 2.0t. But then, on ECS's site, under fitment it says "Golf V_ All_2.0T", when I use the "Does this fit my vehicle" it will say only fits TSI. Someone else says this is...

    How To Access Turbo to Work On

    People have already mentioned the most common causes for low boost. They are PCV, DV, and boost plumbing or even intake manifold leaks. Also, the "N75-charge pressure control valve" can fail or crack. When the N75 fails it usually causes weird boost but is often less boost than normal when...

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Right, James, 4 seasons, said he's been very busy and now his engine builder hasn't been showing up to work. Also, with UM and right should be happy with the results. Hopefully Mike at engine supply can get you put together and James can get the rest done using UM to tune it to...

    Seeking part numbers for 1.4L FPRV

    Yes, looking for help finding the part number for the FPRV, or pressure liming valve on the fuel rail, of the 1.4L twin-charge engine. It's pressure relief opens at 172.5 bar. I am also seeking knowledge of any other 1.4L FPRV and its pressure limit which I am unaware of because I saw one post...

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I feel that...but just in case; I talked with Collin at TT, they were once in twenty minutes from my home, and he gave me his best references for you to try. 1) dynamic racing solutions 562-694-2226 2) euro sport anaheim 714-630-5155, ask for Raffi 3) Four Seasons Tuning...

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Thinking here about your next plug choice...what will it be? Obviously, the PFR7B were not cooling fast enough...or did you rule out correct ignition timing or the lean/rich mixture before you tracked it to rule out heat range?
  10. ROH ECHT

    Is this supposed to be open? 2.0 TSI engine (also what is it called)

    I've seen that on the TSI a couple of times with nothing plugged to it. VW and Audi do this. Our FSI engine has one unused port on the intake manifold. Another mystery of holes on the coil harness...which turns out that Canadian FSI GTI's have screws holding the coil harness onto the rocker...
  11. ROH ECHT

    secondary air pump location?

    Yes and maybe no. It's not really skinny and I believe you don't have one...but scroll down on this page; ....if you see a hose attached, it has a secondary pump and should be able to just follow it. Here's another optional...
  12. ROH ECHT

    Probably the lowest 2007 MK5 GTI in the country...maybe not.

    So, it sold post-auction to one of the early bidders who contacted the seller and said he didn't have access to a computer on the final day of auction. The owner and seller made a deal so the owner would receive $13.5k and it sold for $15.5k.
  13. ROH ECHT

    Starting issue can be tested to locate the bleed-off or you just take stabs at it by replacing parts. Typically, pressure is gauged between the tank and the injectors. The tester gauge is closed on one side of the gauge and then swapped directions and closed again. When the valve is closed, you watch...
  14. ROH ECHT

    2008 R32 DSG shifting issue

    I see many complaints for it. There was one issue found where a wire was poorly crimped by the supplier for a certain portion of the build period. Not sure if yours fit into that period. Not sure how much research you have done, but this may be the TSB on it: TB-35-11-01 This includes the...
  15. ROH ECHT

    18619/P2187/008583 - Bank 1; System too Lean at Idle

    On some of the small tubing, visual and feel are good for inspecting them...but try disconnecting one end and use for example a bicycle tire pump with a tapered nozzle (if not able to access regulated compressed air) and have someone hold the pressure in the tubing while you spray them and look...
  16. ROH ECHT

    18619/P2187/008583 - Bank 1; System too Lean at Idle

    I assume it is FSI since you mentioned it does have a belt? Best thing to do is check for leaks. You can smoke it to test for leaks...or use a blower sealed as best you can into the intake. Then use soap & water in a spray bottle to spray all tubing and connections between the turbo and intake...
  17. ROH ECHT

    Eurotuner magazines

    Oh, OK. I tossed all mine as I said before, and I'm pretty sure I cancelled my subscription before it switched over to, or joined Super Street. I would've sent it to you if I had it. Good Luck Have you thought to contact Super Street to see if they know how one can still get back-issues of...
  18. ROH ECHT

    Spark plug torque.

    It's 22 lb*ft or 30 Nm. So you have for any other torque specs...plugs are on page 36: Have you posted this question elsewhere? Seems recently familiar. Crack the plugs loose...but just to 1/8 turn. Replace the coils and...
  19. ROH ECHT

    Eurotuner magazines

    I had all from 2006 to 2009. I think I recently tossed them out except for the one where mine was in the Readers Rides section. I will look, because I may have just packed them away. Is the pic the one you seek? What is its date?
  20. ROH ECHT

    Identify Metal Chunks in Oil Pan? :(

    Is it aluminum or not? Check this thread for more on the TSI and metal issues: You may want to post on the MK6 forum to receive more TSI help.