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  1. Jeff Spicoli

    Looking for Audi RS861 (Speedline) wheels

    Looking for RS861 wheels. 18x7.5 ET54 PM me for fastest response
  2. Jeff Spicoli

    Old Skool Euro GTG - Helen, GA May 12-15 2016

    Hey Guys Just throwing this out there as there's been a decent amount of talk and interest - My buddies and I are returning to Helen GA for the weekend of "SoWo" - we've got a decent group coming from Florida - 20 cars or so. Plus we have gotten a lot of comittments from Instragram Euro...
  3. Jeff Spicoli

    WTB: BBS RS861 / Audi A8 Monoblocks (pie plates)

    Looking for either wheels: Audi RS861 or Audi A8L Pie Plates / monoblocks. ET45/48 ish 18" Please email me if you have some! Thanks
  4. Jeff Spicoli

    Any techs in Tampa?

    Any VW techs in Tampa area looking to do some cash work? If so hit me up. I need some PM done to my R32. Thanks
  5. Jeff Spicoli

    Euro tails, coding, do I need new CCM?

    so a dealer tech did my wiring for my euro tails. he got these 2 messages: he did the mod as stated in the DIY and they light up like this guy's car: We'd like to code them so that the amber blinkers are off with running lights and work as directionals only. anyone have ideas...
  6. Jeff Spicoli

    MKV R32 Hella euro tail lights (vag com question)

    Hi All, I've done a lot of searching, and my buddy did my euro tail light install and wiring today -- he's a dealership tech, as per the DIY - the tail lights work, however the amber turn signals stay lit, we'd like to make them only light during signaling. at this point i'm not concerned...
  7. Jeff Spicoli

    $$$ if you wire my euro tail lights

    looking for someone to wire my euro tail lights - MK5 r32 Chicago burbs / Wisconsin / Milwaukee, etc. Will pay $. Thanks Chris txt me if interested 414 eight three nine 9331
  8. Jeff Spicoli

    $$ Need some work done MKV R32 $$

    If anyone is familiar with or can do wiring for euro tails on a MKV R32, I've got cash. Apparently it can be wired to the front (proper way) or spliced in the rear. I'd be interested in paying someone to do this, asap. I don't want to wait til the last minute for H20. Hit me up if interested...
  9. Jeff Spicoli

    any MKV owners near the N. Hollywood CA area?

    Hey guys, I've got a buddy in N. Hollywood building a roof rack for me - he's trying to work on an attachment mechanism and long story short, rather than me shipping him my carrier bars, he could really use a look at the bars firsthand and I'm wondering if anyone near him would allow him to...
  10. Jeff Spicoli

    18x8 18x9 Crowd: Whose running stretched tires?

    Curious whose running stretched tires on a staggered setup and what your tire/wheel specs are -- I'm considering stretching a tad, I'd like to do the min required to avoid some rubbing, and still be able to do spirited driving. I've recently heard guys saying they can't drive like they'd like...
  11. Jeff Spicoli

    photoshop request

    I need a black and white EPS graphic of a bbs RS wheel from a straight on view for a 1 color vinyl sticker. size: 5x5" but leaving a 1" border around the wheel for text to be wrapped around the wheel. you can email me the graphic directly to or post it here, I would...
  12. Jeff Spicoli

    Re: Filling reflectors, what to use?

    Re: Filling reflectors, what to use? Hey all- Just wondering what material is good for filling reflectors on our bumpers; and if anyone knows what material our bumpers are made out of exactly? My body shop is asking what material it is; the owner is worried about expansion and contraction...
  13. Jeff Spicoli

    re: city lights question

    re: city lights question Anyone know if this is possible on the mkv? I've looked around and haven't found any definitive pictures. Looked at ECS' site for bulbs too. If anyone has good links and let me know what might need to be done that'd be appreciated (vag com?, wiring etc) thanks
  14. Jeff Spicoli

    Question for Tampa Bay/Clearwater peeps

    Hey guys, Just curious if any of you could kinda outline the areas of Tampa/Clearwater to avoid if moving down, I've been considering relocation to Florida or Austin, TX; I'm open to both still, but starting to vet Tampa area a bit. Looking at apartments online, you never know what you're...
  15. Jeff Spicoli

    Removing rear view mirror

    Anyone done this? I searched here and vortex and youtube, nothing unless I didn't use good search strings. Any help appreciated. "why do you want to remove it?" vinyl wrapping it. thanks
  16. Jeff Spicoli

    Kliimotorwerkes vinyl product review

    Today I received 2 items I ordered from I thought I'd share my experience and the quality of the products. I'll start off by saying I wasn't impressed with shipping and processing time. I've been an Ebay and paypal guy since day 1 and before when people used money orders...
  17. Jeff Spicoli

    WANTED: Graphic artist to make replica lisc plate

    I'm looking for someone with good photoshop skills and even more important possible access to the proper printing equipment; I want to have a Texas lisc plate made as a replica with the name "SPICOLI" on it - It's a pretty basic plate design -- and output on something that can handle...
  18. Jeff Spicoli

    Pic REQ: MKV R's on lowering springs/shocks/NON coils/bagged

    Been out of the family for about 6 months, picked up my R32 last week - geeked of course and have a little bit of time to get her ready for SOWO. my main issue is suspension - roads here in the midwest are obscene as many know. i have a diesel geek skid plate and Konis right now - the car...
  19. Jeff Spicoli

    SOWO 2013 ROLL CALL ----

    where ya at? :) I'm planning on heading down on Thursday - last year we stopped in Nashville for the night and pricelined a hotel. Wasn't a bad idea. Made Friday a real doable drive - I think about 4 hours. Get up at 8, there by Noon. kinda considering a different ideas - Leave Thurs at...
  20. Jeff Spicoli

    FS: MKV R32 parts

    Monster mats, R Line $50 + ship SOLD R32 grill w/ holes $150 + ship SOLD R32 FRONT BUMPER - no grille, no lower grilles, etc. NEW IN WRAPPING. $400 + ship Euroswitch with coming home - $75 + $6.00 shipping SOLD