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  1. ReflexMkV

    APR/BB Stealth Turbo Back Exhaust & Neuspeed Hi-Flow Charge Pipe

    The price in my old thread title wouldn't update so new thread...Thanks for looking. APR/BB Stealth TBE: 625 + Shipping. SOLD! Neuspeed Noise Pipe Delete/Intercooler Pipe and O2 Sensor: 70 shippedSOLD!
  2. ReflexMkV

    FS: APR TBE $755 Shipped, Neuspeed Intercooler Pipe and O2 sensor $90 Shipped

    FS:(UPDATED) APR TBE $625 + Shipping, Neuspeed Intercooler Pipe & O2 sensor $70 NEW PRICES APR Stealth TBE: SOLD Neuspeed High Flo pipes: - Discharge: (SOLD) - Noise Pipe Delete/Intercooler Pipe and O2 Sensor: SOLD Micro-Can VCDS cable: SOLD EJ PCV Fix NEW: SOLD InPro Smoked Turn...
  3. ReflexMkV

    Porsche Offices Raided

    Just read about this...kinda crazy
  4. ReflexMkV

    Ohio man arrested in skateboard dispute

    What a fucking dick...Where is the girls Dad? And why doesn't his foot need to be surgically removed from Jacks ass? Discuss.
  5. ReflexMkV

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

    Been playing the shit outta this game on my PS3. Playing the online challenges is a lot of fun. Anyone else playing this game?
  6. ReflexMkV

    Scammed By Chase Card Services

    I just got scammed by Chase Card Services. They bought out WAMU who my CC account was through. Last week, just like every month for 4 years, I scheduled my CC payment on I always pay 3 times or more the minimum if I am carrying a balance. ALWAYS. Well during my payment due date...
  7. ReflexMkV

    Sad, disgusting but, humorously ironic news article.

    Really sad and gross but admittedly, I laughed when they mentioned the guys name... I hear about this shit way to often down here.... :frown:
  8. ReflexMkV

    FS: Apple iTouch 16gb + Extras

    Excellent condition 1st Gen 16gb iTouch w/ iFrogz silicone case (Case has a tire tread pattern on it). I put a screen protector on it, and put it in the case, the day I got it. Even still, the back shows some light scratches. Comes in original box with instructions, ipod pouch, apple...
  9. ReflexMkV

    FS: Nikon SB-600 Flash W/ Stofen Omni Bounce

    Flash is in perfect working condition. There are some scratches on it here and there. Comes with original box, instructions, blank warranty card, flash stand, padded flash pouch, and the Omni Bounce diffuser. Even comes with the original receipt from Ritz Camera when I bought it. SOLD...
  10. ReflexMkV

    Mother Lover

    Who hasn't seen this yet?...fucking hilarious.
  11. ReflexMkV

    Florida = Buckle-Up

    If you haven't heard, cops in FL will now be able to pull you over if they see you are not wearing your seatbelt. So buckle up people. :thumbsup: The linked to news report says 'Expected ~ to sign'. But Gov Crist has just signed it into law...
  12. ReflexMkV

    US Power Grid Hacked Great...
  13. ReflexMkV

    Coilover Installation Cost

    So I just got off the phone with the place I thought was going to install my coils. They gave me an estimate of over 800 dollars to install the coils and do an alignment. I said "Fuck That". I had my H&R Cup Kit installed on my '07 for 300 dollars. Anyway, How much did you pay for your...
  14. ReflexMkV

    FS: Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

    Bought this and didn't like the ergonomics. I used it for less than 2 hours and put it back in the box to return it........and like I do, I forgot to return it. 40 Dollars shipped.
  15. ReflexMkV

    FS: Stubby Antenna

  16. ReflexMkV

    FS: Neuspeed P-Flow & Neuspeed Race Series Cold Air Extension Kit

    FS: Neuspeed Race Series Cold Air Extension Kit SOLD
  17. ReflexMkV

    Some bee-otch killed my GTI...

    I haven't posted here in forever. I thought I'd share yet another horror story with you guys though.... On the way into work a dead stop, sitting in traffic and....KABLAM! Bitch rear-ends me and forces me into the guy in front of me. Thanks whore! :thumbsup:
  18. ReflexMkV

    Kid on stolen dirt bike hits van...mob beats driver of van... What is almost as sick as the little thugs beating the driver is the fact that the 'adults' sat there and watched it happen. I bet they didn't say a damn thing either. One of them even justifies it to reporters...sick. Shit...