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  1. legandrex

    Buff Out?

    This was waiting at the entrance of my job location today. It appears understeer won and Rota wheel, front bumper, and who knows what else lost. Probably was drunk or stoned.
  2. legandrex

    Drove a Tesla Model S today

    A friend of mine recently purchased a Tesla Model S and I got a chance to take it for a spin today. It is the highest powered version too. Power delivery is amazing and performance is very impressive. Steering feel, ride quality and handling all felt very refined. Mega sized center screen is...
  3. legandrex

    Indy 500 might be watchable now No more Ashley Judd media whoring during Indy 500 this year...might actually watch it now.
  4. legandrex

    Got a new MK5...rice?

    Just got a new MK5...would you consider it rice? Is it the overly metallic paint? Jumbo wheels? Too many scoops? Big fender flares?
  5. legandrex

    Dad's new Toy

    Congrats to my 73 year old dad who just picked up this 2011 GT500 with 5,000 miles on it today. He said it was getting too hard to get in and out of his 97 convertible vette. Here's to livin it up and resisting the Toyota Avalon!!!
  6. legandrex

    Buffet concert

    Went to a Jimmy Buffet concert at Alpine Valley last night and it was quite a sight to see. Jimmy was great, but it was like being at a giant outdoor Walmart. The People of Walmart website would have material for 20 years if they spent 30 minutes walking around taking pictures. Good thing we...