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    WTB: Ross-tech vag-com

    Like the title states. I want to buy a vag-com for my mkv jetta. anyone has one up for sale let me know... I have paypal ready.
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    "Hella" ECS Tuning Cherry Red Jetta LED tails (new in box)

    I picked these up from ECS tuning a few months back and I am planning on selling my jetta soon so I dont want to install these. They are the replica "Hella" tails that ECS Tuning sells. There are some imperfections on them so ECS sold them to me at a discount. The scratches are not noticeable...
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    FS/FT: Range Rover Sport Wheels 19x9 5x120 et53 $800 shipped

    These are off my 06 Range Rover Sport. The po gave me 4 sets of wheels. These wheels were removed the week he took the truck home. I was going to run these on my MKV jetta but I decided to go a different route. Specs: 19x9 5x120 et53 There are only 2 blemishes on all of them. I would rate...
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    FT or FS: 19x8.5 Merc s550/cl550 wheels. (Midwest)

    I tracked these down after months of searching. They are optional upgrade wheels for the S class and CL. I found a set of fronts because I didnt want the poor handling of staggered fitment. These originally come silver. I had them media blasted and professionally painted satin black. The...
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    FS: set of 215/35/19 falken 452

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT I forgot I had these in my basement still. They were off my old gti which I have sold. The tires have 1200 miles on them. 215/35/19 Falken fK452 2 have 9/32nds of tread and the other 2 have 10/32nds. They come new with 10/32nds. $325 shipped anywhere in the lower 48...
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    FS: GTI monster mats

    These were in my mkv GTI for 2 months last winter before I sold it. The have the red logo with round retainers. $70 shipped in the lower 48 states.
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    AWE vent mount boost gauge

    This is the newest version of the AWE gauge with the LED backlights. It comes with all included hardware that came with the gauge. $125 shipped in the lower 48
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    Ban user "shows" asap

    I received 3 craigslist type scam pm's from user name "shows" last night. Please ban them before someone is dumb enough to get scammed by him.
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    Vag-Com Micro-CAN cable

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    OSIR v2 Front Lip (united grey)

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    OEM LED Taillights

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    Rare B8 S4/s-line wheels 18x8 et47

    These were on my car for a few months and I am now selling my GTI. These are the rarest wheels that were an option on the B8 s4's. I personally have seen 2 s4's with this wheel. I believe it was an option for the A4 S-line also. They look great on a mkv and I got a lot of compliments. I...
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    FS: CC Interlagos 18x8 (silver)

    I am selling my car and no longer need these. I had 2 sets of these and this is my last set. These have been refinished by LKQ's wheel department. These wheels were on a CC for 5k miles and were scratched from dismounting the tires. A new set was purchased for the customer and I had these...
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    FS Alphards CHEAP

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    Badgeless honeycomb grill

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    Euro Headlight Switch

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    Dark Smoked Sidemarkers (parts4euro)

    These are the dark smoked sidemarkers which is Parts4Euro's labeled brand. $25 shipped
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