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  1. JerseyDrew77

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... MEMES and mUH tHReAD tITLe

    My comment was deleted because I am a little child who doesn't know how to speak without calling people pieces of shit.
  2. JerseyDrew77

    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    HOLY SHIT, man! I think this one takes the cake.
  3. JerseyDrew77

    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    Found this clown while at my local McDonald's drive through and thought it was pretty funny. If anybody else has some good ones from your area, post them up as we all could probably use a good laugh.
  4. JerseyDrew77

    2021 Ford Bronco

    Sorry but it's ugly and don't know why Ford would bring back that ugly vehicle. The front looks like they copied it from an FJ.
  5. JerseyDrew77

    300+ mph Bugatti Chiron

    Yes, yes it will. Not sure why the Divo is over $5 million when it has the same engine as the Chiron. The only thing that I see different is the exterior. It does look like it came from the movie Tron.
  6. JerseyDrew77

    300+ mph Bugatti Chiron

    A $3,428,000 dollar car going over 300 mph. I have a mp4 file of the developers testing it but it won't let me upload it. Anyways, the Chiron will be replaced by the Divo which will cost a measly $5,400,000.
  7. JerseyDrew77

    Car and Driver "G.O.A.T."

    The MK7 is a completely different platform than the MK6. The MK5 and MK6 are basically the same, just that the MK5 is fugly.