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  1. absoluteczech

    Brand new unopened PS3 160GB slim $285

    Brand new unopened PS3 160GB slim $275 sold
  2. absoluteczech

    Best place to get fenders rolled in OC?

    and a place that does its correctly... I DO NOT want my fenders to peel/chip :frown:
  3. absoluteczech

    Anyone have the OEM snowboard/ski rack accessory for oem roof rack? 3B0-071-129-UA

    I would need to borrow it for the weekend, its 150 dollars new but i cant justify paying for it to use 1-2 a year. I would pay someone $40 cash and put a deposit down if they let me borrow in next weekend for 4 days. planning a trip to mammoth and would love to use it with my oem roof rack
  4. absoluteczech

    BRAND NEW 17" Denvers with 225/45R17 Continental ContiProContact <500 miles w/ TPMS

    BRAND NEW 17" Denvers with 225/45R17 Continental ContiProContact <500 miles w/ TPMS Literally brand new wheels & tires that came on my MKVI GTI. Have 400 miles on them currently. 225/45R17 Continental ContiProContact tires. asking $700 for wheels & tires w/ TPMS or $600 w/out. PREFER...
  5. absoluteczech

    WTB: H&R Ultra Low coils

    as the title states :thumbsup:
  6. absoluteczech

    OEM Rack & Bike Carrier / Bicycle Holder.. Tire size question?

    So i just installed the bicycle holder aka barracuda holder or whatever its called.. My mtn bike has 26x 2.1 tires and it wont fit even though it says fitment is 2.2 or 56mm :rolleyes: anyways so i want to get the bike carrier (fork attachment) then. looking at te rear it doesnt specify size...
  7. absoluteczech

    who's car is this?

    if this isnt a repost i'll be amazed... rehosted
  8. absoluteczech

    WTB: Roof Rack for 2/4dr Rabbit,GTI,R32

    Let me know what you got. perfer: oem or thule..
  9. absoluteczech

    We Run LA....

    Entire set with larger size pictures can be seen here
  10. absoluteczech

    megan fox washing michael bays ferrari - video! SFW

    :eyebulge: i wonder if she would wash my car :wink:
  11. absoluteczech

    the stig! schumacher?

    michael schumacher is the stig............. just watching top gear right now, havent finished it yet. is this a joke? :wub:
  12. absoluteczech

    man i havent posted here in a long time

    heres some shots w/ my new 35mm f1.8 :thumbup: pwnd by a mercury! the rest can be seen here
  13. absoluteczech

    130 mega pixels (56k please come in)

    boo ya!
  14. absoluteczech

    Cars & Coffee 5-23-09 - Pic heavy!

    See the entire set and larger pics here!Flickr Set some random pics.... doing it wrong????
  15. absoluteczech

    website owners or marketing majors - need help

    whats a MEDIA kit? nm i got it :)
  16. absoluteczech

    The Custom PC

    Hey guys, hope this is ok since its not taking away from the VW forums... me and a buddy are starting a pc enthusiasts forum about overclocking,watercooling, general pc talk and pc gaming. so feel free to register and help us get started, i'll eventually need some moderators to help :wink...