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    Broadway Static Coilovers Practically brand new

    bought these from the mkv Facebook page after the original owner had only used them from between 3k-5k miles. 16k front and 14k rear with swift springs. $1,200 obo
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    High idle at start

    when I start my car and sometimes in neutral it usually goes to 1500 rpms and I have codes for 2 vacuum leaks and idol. Is it just the pcv valve or do I need to do the sensor?
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    WTB 3" downpipe

    willing to spend around 200ish on a down pipe for a 3' down pipe perfebly non resinated
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    what brakes should I get?

    I have a 2008 Gti with the front rotors starting to wear down and I need brakes sooner than later & I need an excuse to upgrade stopping power anyways. I don't mind staying stock mm sizes but id like to run a more aggressive compound and rotors that will last a while (I already have stainless...