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  1. ViRtUaLheretic

    Alpine VAG Fair

    Anybody planning on going to Alpine VAG Fair in Helen Georgia this weekend? I miss Helen Georga, and SoWo 2015 left a VERY sour taste in my mouth. I am hoping the event this year is the laid back fun event that I enjoyed years ago. Ill be there
  2. ViRtUaLheretic

    Alpine VAG Fair

    Alpine VAG Fair in Helen Georgia. This should a more calmed down version of the event formerly known as SoWo.
  3. ViRtUaLheretic

    Fender Roller Rental KC/STL

    Hey guys I live in KC and frequently bounce back to STL where I grew up. I recently bought a fender roller and will rent it out if you want to DIY your fenders. I'm not really looking to do it FOR you, but you can stop by my house and use it or I can meet at your place and I can drink beer and...
  4. ViRtUaLheretic

    Fender Flares

    Bought a set from 1552 when they were first released, and Im just NOW getting around to getting them painted and installed:
  5. ViRtUaLheretic

    The Answer is Always Miata

    I love my GTI, but I've modded it far past the point of 'normal' DD ability and she likes to break stuff so I needed to find myself a 2nd car. So far I have only owned FWD cars and they have all been Automatics. I wanted to get a FUN car that would still get good gas mileage and would either be...
  6. ViRtUaLheretic

    ECS Fender Flares

    Just saw this: Looks to be damn near the same thing as the 1552 fender flare kit except this has a little piece that connects underneath the front lip and rear valence
  7. ViRtUaLheretic

    MKV Ugly Christmas Sweater

    I just ordered one and figured I would share :)
  8. ViRtUaLheretic

    P150A - Engine Off Timer Performance Code

    Has anybody ever seen this code before? 005386 - Engine Off Timer Performance P150A - 000 - - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 1...
  9. ViRtUaLheretic

    WTB BSH FMIC or Phoenix Rising FMIC

    BSH no longer makes the BSH FMIC nor do they make the Phoenix Rising FMIC. If you have either of those and are looking to sell shoot me a PM. IM also interested in the ATP 600hp kit if you have that. I can pick up if you live in Missouri, Kansas, or surrounding area. Thanks!
  10. ViRtUaLheretic

    Eurocars' BSH Delrin Dogbone Bushing Replacement Review

    Credit: First off I would like to thank Eurocars for making the delrin dogbone bushing and would like to thank JC@DouglasVW and Force Fed Engineering for giving me the idea. (link to thread: ) Link to Eurocar's Delrin bushing and HPFP stud...
  11. ViRtUaLheretic

    Reminder clean your w/m system

    I cleaned part of my w/m system and figured I would take the rest apart and clean all of that last night. WOAH BABY were the inside of some of the lines dirty. One of the lines after the distribution block was clogged up like the arteries of an obese Mcdonalds junky. Car should run much better...
  12. ViRtUaLheretic

    Reminder, check your bushings!

    So I had noticed for the last 2 weeks I have had some stronger vibrations and clunks and I havent been able to track it down until last week. I was under the car doing a random check to find the culprit to the squeaking when I reached over, grabbed a wheel (car is on jackstands which is odd as I...
  13. ViRtUaLheretic


    I have a BSH 27mm RSB and I used to have the BSH endlinks installed with them but I didnt like the preload the endlinks were putting on the bar so I replaced the endlinks with a set of Whiteline adjustable endlinks (now wish I would have bought 034 adjustable endlinks) but after doing some...
  14. ViRtUaLheretic

    WTB h2sport Sport Spindles

    Considering the wait time for h2sport Spindles is sometime between now and the Apocalypse I am turning my attention to classifieds instead. If you have a set for sale shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  15. ViRtUaLheretic

    WTB Eurojet Catback

    I currently have a V1 Eurojet Downpipe that has been ceramic coated and wrapped with DEI header wrap and I relly like it. I would like to add on a catback exhaust now for a deeper throatier tone and would like to stick with a new v-banded setup. I realize the v1 will not mate up to the newer v2...
  16. ViRtUaLheretic

    FS: MVK Neuspeed R32 Catback

    Catback is used and has a little bit of wear and tear but is in good shape. The tips are perfect looking and have been polished again. Im asking $600 + shipping from Kansas City MO. FWIW I will be at SoWo 2013 and can bring this if you are interested. For best results send me a PM. Pardon my...
  17. ViRtUaLheretic

    Bluetooth Install

    Hi everyone, I recently traded car parts with a friend and got a Bluetooth module from his 2012 Beetle (part #: 5k0035730e I believe this is a 9wz module?) Ive tried looking up what exactly I need to do to get this module to work on my factory 6 disc changer and I cannot find a clear cut answer...
  18. ViRtUaLheretic

    WTB Rear lower valence

    I live in Kansas City MO and would like to purchase a CHEAP OEM rear lower valence. My current valence has been sanded, painted, and looks purdy. I would like to try out something new without having to cut up my stocker so the condition of the valence doesnt really matter a whole lot as long as...
  19. ViRtUaLheretic

    Pic Request, R32 with no valence and/or bumper

    I was wondering if somebody could post a pic of an R32, any color that has the exhaust installed but it doesnt have the lower valence installed or exhaust installed + no bumper entirely. Thanks This is the only one I can find thus far:
  20. ViRtUaLheretic

    Wrapped front bumper

    So I have the opportunity to buy a used front bumper with a molded lip and some road rash. I plan on fixing the road rash, reinforcing it with fiberglass, smoothing out the front filling in everything and then wrapping it in 3M Dinoc Carbon Fiber vinyl. What do you guys think of that? Basically...