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  1. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    One more suv is coming to the market (Hummer EV) - With the info released, i think it will be a great rival to the upcoming Rivians.
  2. vj123

    Few suggestions

    None of that is available, if you cannot access your account / forum. I tried everything for more than a week in different devices / browsers. Also they did not approve my new account request which i created to contact the mods during that time as well.
  3. vj123

    Few suggestions

    Hello Mods, i am not sure if below issues were considered in the past. - Buyer / Seller feedback section in classifieds. - Way to contact mods (through email or any other means) if we are locked out of the forum. I am bringing up issue 2 as i was banned from the forum couple of months back...
  4. vj123

    300+ mph Bugatti Chiron

    Divo is just a limited edition (40 units) of Chiron for people who think Chiron is a common vehicle. Its also the effect of Stephan Winkelmann who is Bugatti CEO. He was known for a similar strategy with Lamborghinis in the past.
  5. vj123

    2021 Ford Bronco

    Finally many enthusiasts are excited about an SUV. I think Ford is planning to keep the momentum alive with additional variants in the future as well.