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  1. qcbtbx

    Feeler: MKV R32 (non-nav)...tastefully modded!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ***EDIT 1/28/14: WILL TAKE OFFERS ON THE CAR NO LATER THAN 2/22/14*** Simply put, I making some financial changes for the year and the car does not fit into the plan. 3rd owner- had it since May 2012 with 47k miles, 65k miles currently Performance...
  2. qcbtbx

    Phptoshop request

    Contemplating powdercoating the wheels on my Mk2 jetta. If someone would be so kind as to photoshop the color (flat) below onto the wheels. Thanks! sent from my big phone
  3. qcbtbx

    Suspension upgrades?

    What's up everyone? I am making plans to install a CTS stage 3 turbo kit w/ head gasket, ARP head bolts, UM short runner intake manifold, new mounts all around, a custom exhaust, and other goodies perhaps. When it is all said and done, I should be sitting at around 400 WHP. Knowing little...
  4. qcbtbx

    Flywheel options???

    So, I have been reading on the forums here and on vortex about flywheel options for the car and everyone is saying that there are no other options for a flywheel other than stock flywheels or a custom flywheel set up. I want to verify that this is true. I have the flywheel issue and need to get...
  5. qcbtbx

    DBP with white grille?

    I am contemplating plastidipping my grille white and was curious as to what it would look like before I do it. Searched for pics and only found colormatched grilles. Anyone have any pics of this that they could post to help me envision this? Thanks.
  6. qcbtbx

    Revo dealers in HR, VA???

    I am looking into the different DSG/ECU tunes for my smu.:Rf (UM, APR, Unitronic). I have tried contacting Revo through their website and even contacted the place they had listed for the local Revo dealer in Hampton Roads; I have received no response.:paddle: Anyone know who else might be a...
  7. qcbtbx

    Fuel filter removal help

    So, i attempted to replace my fuel filter today...epic fail! I could not get the clips off. I followed this diy: The clips in this diy seem to protrude out more than mine do. I pressed and pressed and still could not get the filter out or...
  8. qcbtbx

    FS: dashboard surround

    SOLD!!! This dashboard piece goes where the headlight switch belongs. It is in very good condition with no scratches or scuffs. All you need to install is your existing hardware. It will work in mkv and mkvi. This will be great for someone whose dash is all scratched and scuffed. I am selling...
  9. qcbtbx

    FS: 4 OEM R32 Omanyt Wheels and Center Caps

    SOLD! I had these up for sale before, but the sale fell through. I am finally getting around to creating a new FS thread. I am selling because I simply do not want to have these as a 2nd set of wheels and they are taking up room in the house. 4 OEM R32 Omanyt Wheels w/ OEM Center caps 18x7.5...
  10. qcbtbx

    FS: OEM US R32 headlight switch

    SOLD!!! this is going for $23 shipped. Includes tracking. Selling because i installed a euro switch and won't go back to using it. This will work on mk5 and mk6 git, golf, jetta, and R models. Pm me if interested. sent from my thunderbolt
  11. qcbtbx

    FS: Clear Sidemarkers

    SOLD!!!I am selling my ECS clear sidemarkers with bulbs for $28 shipped (includes tracking). I am selling them because I went with colormatched markers instead. I ran them for about 3 months with no problems. They look and work great! Install is very easy. Go in through wheel well, unscrew...
  12. qcbtbx

    Intake Poll

    I am trying to decide on which intake to get for my smu.:Rf. Help me out by taking the poll and leaving your opinions. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  13. qcbtbx

    Anyone tried this???

    So was surfing ECS's site, making a list of some things I plan to buy and came across this. Has anyone tried this yet? What are yalls' thoughts?
  14. qcbtbx

    FS: 3 brand new vw center caps...unopened

    sOLD!Bought these OEM VW center caps for my aftermarket wheels and they do not fit...messed up one really bad trying to make it fit, so i am not even going to bother trying to sell it. These are going for $25 shipped (soft mail envelope, tracking, and paypal fees included in price) via usps...
  15. qcbtbx

    WTT: Stock MKV R32 exhaust + $$$ for borla or magnaflow exhaust

    Would like to trade my stock MKV R32 exhaust + $$$ for someone's borla or magnaflow (doesn't really matter how many miles). Stock exhaust has about 50k and is currently installed. Would paypal cash upon sale and ship stock exhaust once new one is installed. PM me if interested or post pics here...
  16. qcbtbx

    MKV R32 vs. 2012 civic si

    Cruising on the interstate coming into work this morning, minding my own business, and Civic Si flys in front of me like a jerk. I ignore him. I have to get over into the left lane and he tries to block me in. I get behind him and when traffic opens up I fly by him and let off the gas. He...
  17. qcbtbx

    Side Mirror not heating

    So, I go to turn on my heated side mirrors this morning to get rid of the fog. I notice the passenger's side clears up fine, but the driver's side is taking forever. I have a 20 minute drive to work and the entire time the fog was there. I may just upgrade to heated blind spot mirrors. Anyone...
  18. qcbtbx

    WTB: Set of 18" Gallardo Reps/VMRs/Omanyts w/o tires

    I am willing to purchase the following gently used and w/o tires: 1. Set of 18" et45 Gallardo Reps; prefer silver finish 2. Set of 18" et45 VMRs; prefer v710s or v703s in silver finish 3. Set of OEM Omanyts; prefer original finish Drop some photos of what you got on this thread or by email...
  19. qcbtbx

    vagcom from vengeance???

    Vengeance...what's good bro? where you at? I still would like to get that vagcom done by you. let me know
  20. qcbtbx

    Feeler: Set of 4 18" Omanyts ***WHEELS AND CAPS ONLY***

    ***SOLD***Debating on whether or not to sell/trade these wheels OR keep them and get them refurbed. A set of four Omanyt wheels from my MKV R32. Each of the wheels has curb rash and they have very slight wobble between 60 and 70 mph (all caused by previous owner). They have about 49k miles...