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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    Rear wheel drive. My wife still has the car a 2006 325i so I can drive. It is not nearly as fun or quick as the GTI, but rear drive is a different experience.
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    R.I.P Sir Stirling Moss - a few pictures of the GTI he drove in 1979
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    How Not to Drive Through a Roundabout

    Only giving it a 6; did not stick the landing.
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    The FED is back!!!

    Yes, I missed the Fed. The place wasn't the same with out him.
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    Pictures of you dog(s)

    My Briard checked out in July after 16 years. My Briard Chloe is a new arrival last week.
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    Fast egg at local carshow

    Sweet. Looked like a great show.
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    Any cyclist on here

    Good input. Yes, bearing replaced as I estimated Wayne put 40K on the frame during the two years it was raced in the Continental team. I have put on approaching 20K miles since replaced. I did a bearing replacement DIY:
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    Any cyclist on here

    Just heading out. Three days a week. Live off of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) so 62 miles of off road paved trail through the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I pinch myself all the time as I would fly across the country to ride the ODT. I do gravel on the Forest Roads around here...
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    Recommendations for mobile workbenches?

    For the price that is not too bad. Harbor freight usually has decent options. There $90 is equivalent with open bay below and for $170 you get a lot more drawers. Always can find a 20% off coupon...
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    How much driving is a lot?

    Giving her a car for driving a million miles. Pretty nice advertisement for Hyundai, win, win. Great story, thanks for sharing.
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    Where to put your money

    Personally, I would focus on enjoying what you have. That said, since the car is sold maybe you are on the Audi forum right now.:)
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    I have a 97 Honda Civic which serve a number of purposes, truck, snow car, dog car, mountain car, extra car when one is down for work, and general beater. Have old dogs and the step is low, I live at the foot of the Olympic mountains so love it for getting to the trail heads, have fit 16 foot...
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    I just found out my license plate is banned in DC

    Dr Cosmo Kramer, Proctology. Assman is banned.
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    Paypal Question

    I have never done that as I have had a PayPal account. However, the way I read this it appears so. If I was the seller I might be concerned as you normally only ship to a PayPal verified address which is required to...
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    The bike thread - mountain, road, fat, TT, DJ, cross... what are you riding?

    My every day bike and favorite by far is my Serotta Ottrott. It was a real team bike ridden by US Bicycle Hall of Famer Wayne Stetina (yes, Peter's Uncle). A Time NXR Instinct is my weight weenie, braggin' rights bike. Gravel and travel bike is a Ritchey break-away. Mountain bike Santa...
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    Ford Fiesta - No More?

    The Fiesta ST was a lot of fun for little money, too bad. I am always saddened when a hot hatch goes away for the North American market. Americans just don't get it.
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    My Blown Turbo Story

    Totally blows (pun intended)! Such a bummer that it happened so far away from home. If it was home, $500 for a turbo, and a weekend and your fixed. Just a bad situation so far from home. Shoulda, woulda, coulda won't help. Enjoy your new ride and go into those dirt forest roads and go...
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    VW Dog Toy?

    Yes, VW is everywhere. Really interesting article; thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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    Cant take it anymore. Thinking of selling my GTI

    If you did a trade for a similarly condition used SE, you might not be out as much as one would think, likely not much more then the cost of a wrap. You can be patient and shop it until the right deal comes around. Coming from the autobahn may be difficult to go to S, 2016 SE with LP would be...