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    Farewell Everyone

    Not that a lot of you know who I am or anything, but I will be spending a little more time on the MK7 forums now since i'm the proud owner of a 2015 GTI SE with the lighting package. If any of you guys have questions for me, let me know. I recommend the upgrade, big time. They gave me $4,500 for...
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    No Boost Intermittently

    Driving home the other night, and the car has like no boost, as if it were running off of just the 2.0. No turbo noise or anything but the engine sounded fine, just without the turbo whistling. The next day i was driving along and mid-drive to work, it came back. Issue occured again when driving...
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    Sunroof Shade Material

    The lining on my sunroof is starting to come off on the shade you pull forward. anyone get this redone? how much does it cost if you did? thanks
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    Headlight Lenses

    Wondering if anyone knows the best place to get replacement lenses for the GTI headlights. Mine are all yellow and i don't want to have to buy the entire housing. I found some for $90 but...
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    Need a Big Favor

    Hey guys. Me and my friends performed in Boston on Indie Ambassador. I'm playing guitar and singing, and the rapper is my friend Tha Jist(Muy), and the other singer is my buddy Dark Blue(Gabe). Please like the video and comment on youtube. thanks for your support...
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    Lower Control Arm Bushings

    Is there one lower control arm bushing on each? just trying to figure out how much i should be looking to pay to get them replaced. found a whiteline kit with 4 lowers for $60
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    Strange Transmission Noise

    Hey guy, i have this weird chattering sound that happens only when the clutch is released, but the transmission feels absolutely fine. Maybe something's loose? I took a video to see if maybe you guys knew what the sound was from previous experience. Any insight would be helpful. thanks...
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    Premium 7 Radio?

    How do we know if we have one? do all MKV's have them?
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    Oh no.....

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    Went to the shop today...

    Told them to replace the cam follower, and they found that it was pretty much gone lol. so i need to get a new fuel pump and camshaft. powertrain is 5 year/60,000 miles right? maybe i can get them to honor the warranty still since i'm just over 60,000 miles. also, does anyone know where i can...
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    Headlight Lenses

    Anyone know where we can buy just the OEM lenses. Says they're crackproof in the manual, yet mine look shitty and have sun damage on them. i posted pics of them. with and without flash. the with flash shows the damage and little cracks, and the without flash shows what they look like regular...
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    Verizon Reps on the forum?

    Can any Verizon reps help me? i have a few questions
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    whine noise

    so yesterday i got back from some spirited driving coming home from the beach. my buddy and i washed the cars, and upon leaving, i realized that my car sounded like it had a whining noise when accelorating. it kinda sounds like a faint sound of the reverse gear on a honda. anyone know what this...
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    People with Stage 2, Carbonio and ATP Downpipe, chime in

    Anyone with those mods have any problems with stage 2? fuel cut? limp mode? i'm finally gonna make the leap, and i wanna make sure i'm safe
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    Eurojet Aluminum Valve Cover

    Anyone have this on their car yet? Pros and Cons?
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    John Mayer Live On Fuse Tonight at 9

    God i hope they stream this on their website. what a let down if they don't. someone please rip this and torrent it if they can. it's going to be amazing.
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    How to get a Racing License

    I was wondering how to go about getting a racing license in south florida so i can drive on a road course. Mostly the road course at Palm Beach Motor Speedway. Anyone get one down here?
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    My South Florida International Auto Show Pictures

    Here ya go. pix were taken with my cell
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    Weird Package

    Strangest thing happened today. on my way to school, my mom calls me and she says that a package came at the house today. no business name on the paper that was attached to the box, but it does say, gift: mens shoes, and it says the charge is worth $469. it's addressed to me, but i did not order...
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    Airbag Light for the Seventh Time!!

    And this time i'm out of the warranty. you think i should write a letter to VWoA? theres no way i'm going to pay for this. it's ridiculous.